Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sadie Elizabeth: A Birth Story

Our sweet Sadie is here!!  She is here!!  Her due date was on Friday, February 24...and that's exactly when she came.  She must've had it on her calendar...#mychild

I woke up on Friday morning with contractions and knew she was coming.  My body always goes from 0 to 100 on the day baby comes.  My contractions were coming a little farther apart than 10 minutes, but with my history of babies coming fast and all the doctors in my practice saying to come in as soon as they are consistent for that very reason, we called our helpers and Noel and I took off to the hospital.

Almost as soon as they got me back into a gown and ready to check to see how dilated I was, my contractions started slowing down.  I was only at a 3 so they had Noel and I walk the halls for a bit.  I've never had to walk the halls before and that was probably the least amount of fun I've ever had.  The only good part was rounding the corner and seeing all the babies in the nursery...mine was almost here!!  How could they be so little!  Come on baby!

The doctor on call at the hospital came in to check me again and told me he was sending me home.  He told me that I was most likely experiencing Braxton Hicks (spoiler alert-I wasn't. They were real) and that I should go home and get some rest.  Hindsight is always 20/20 am I right?, but looking back, I should have insisted on seeing MY doctor who was on call.  The hospital doctor basically treated me like I was a first time mom (nothing wrong with that, but I've experienced this before) and chalked me up as being a hormonal pregnant lady who was done with being pregnant.  

I tried explaining all of this to him and also that I usually go way past my due date so I was perfectly capable of being pregnant for another week or two.  He was having none of it so he sent me home.  Insert life lesson....always be assertive when you know what your body is doing.  

My mom and mother in law were in the waiting area of the hospital when Noel and I came out and both knew that I was still in labor (because, I was) and they both came back with us to our house.

We went home and my body actually did slow down with the contractions for a few minutes.  My mom stayed at the house with me while I laid down and Noel took the boys to lunch and to the park.  I got a about a 20ish minute nap and then the fun began.  And by fun, I mean the most excruciating pain I've ever felt.  

For about 45 minutes I was in crazy, active labor.  Contractions were coming about 7 minutes apart, but I was second guessing myself because of my conversation with the doctor earlier. When my body started shaking and sweating so badly I could barely function, I called Noel and could barely speak but said "come back!".  I also felt "the need to push" which was really fun since I was in my home and not at the hospital.  

I slowly walked into the living room where my mom and mother in law were, and I must have been a SIGHT because they both jumped up.  Noel got home and helped me to the car and on the way to the hospital (thankfully only about 8 minutes away!) I kept thinking, I'm pushing this baby out now....what the heck do I do if I push this baby out in the car??!  As a side note, when the baby is ready to come, your body takes over and you have a natural instinct to push.  The body is an incredible thing!

Noel pulled up to the front of the hospital and there, almost as if she was waiting for me (she wasn't-she had just helped a mom out to her car) was a boss lady-labor and delivery nurse. She took one look at me and came running to the car with a wheelchair, got me in the wheelchair and RAN inside the hospital.  I had my eyes closed the entire time but I heard her on her phone saying "GET A ROOM READY!"

They got me into a delivery room about a minute later where I heard the nurse call for my doctor.  He said he would be there in 5 minutes to which she replied, "WE DON'T HAVE 5 MINUTES!!" They got me quickly into a gown straight out of the wheelchair and laid me on the bed (I seriously felt paralyzed from the pain that had taken over my body.)

On the bed, I told them that I'd like some medicine (hilarious) and the response was "the baby will be here in 1 time for medicine". They asked me to put my legs in the stirrups, but PAIN, so Noel strapped one leg up (even put the stirrups up for me...he was amazing during this whole thing) and the nurse did the other.

By then, they had pulled a doctor in from the hallway (I'm telling's taking longer to type this than it actually did to deliver her) and LO AND BEHOLD- it was the doctor who sent me home just a little bit earlier.  I don't remember actually seeing anything this whole time, but I will never forget his face when he came in the room.  SHOCK and almost fear, like an "oh my gosh I sent this woman home" kinda fear.

I started pushing baby out as he was strapping on his gloves and with the first push she was almost out.  Something I did like about this doctor is that after I pushed her out and could see her (such a weird/amazing feeling), he said, "Ashley, your daughter is almost here.  Reach down and grab her."  So awesome.  I did and with one more push she was on my chest and ready for some snuggling.

Surreal.  Absolutely surreal.  After she was on my chest, I asked Noel if she was a girl and she was.  Our Sadie!  The boys have their sweet sister they've been waiting for.   

Minutes later, our moms showed up and during the time it took for them to get the boys situated and to drive to the hospital, the baby had been born.  They've been in the room with me for all my deliveries, so it was definitely different with them not there.  It was nice to have them, though, during the recovery process and moving to my postpartum room.

Sadie Elizabeth
7 pounds 3 ounces
20.5 inches long
February 24, 2017

We are all smitten, of course, and think she is the most wonderful little thing ever.  Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.  They are felt and very much appreciated!


rooth said...

Cutie pie, she's finally here! Congratulations and I'm glad everything went well (all things considered). And yay some more!

Kayla MKOY said...

Goodness GRACIOUS momma! You're amazing! I can't believe how quickly she came! Sweet little Sadie was so ready to meet everyone! :) Congrats again, Ashley! Love you! XO!

The Mrs. and The Momma said...

Congrats friends!!!! What an exciting delivery!!!! Enjoy this sweet newborn time with your happy you got your girl! ;)

Caroline said...

Oh my goodness, she certainly knows how to make an entrance! Better get used to that, my friend :) What a beautiful, sweet little Sadie... a million congratulations to you and your lovely family, Ashley!

harada57 said...
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kimay said...

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