Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Boys' Shared Room

Filed under "things Ashley is really terrible at doing":  taking pictures of any kind of room.  If you'd like to see beautiful pictures of a room, look at these during Crew's newborn photoshoot because they're beautiful! (and how was he ever that little???!!!)

I did want to show you, though, how we've managed to fit all 3 boys into one teeny tiny room.  We're currently renting our home because we sold our last home in about 5 minutes, and even though this tiny house is growing on me, it's still tiny!  Baby sister needs her own room at first, so right after Christmas, we moved Charlie and Walker in with Crew.

It's working out really well actually.  The only thing that needs work is Walker waking up way too early (always always). He's slowly coming around, though, on waiting for his green light to come on and not trying to get his brothers to play with him at 5am. 

Here are a few pictures of their shared space.

^bins, rug, and comforter from Target

^We added this bottom shelf on both sides of the closet for more space

I love Crew's excitement over his digger.  He does love a vehicle.

Next time I'll try and get pictures not on my phone and not as the sun is going down...ahhh!!

What are your best tips for shared bedroom spaces?!


Setarra said...

I grew up with 3 brothers in a small bedroom with 2 bunk beds. Looking back, I'm kind of glad I didn't get my own room till I was in the 7th grade because it forced us to butt heads AND bond with each other haha. I LOVE how you made the most of the space that you have - their room looks super cozy and really organized. Great job Ashley!

rebeccalately said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has trouble photographing rooms. I just can't get the hang of it! We are renting right now, too, and all three kids are in one room. Thankfully, they all got on the same-ish schedule pretty quick and/or learned how to sleep better with the light on (since two of them get up earlier than the other one). I love having them all in one room, because we use the third and fourth bedrooms for storage and a play room!

rooth said...

Your boys are such good readers - that last picture is by far my favourite :)

Caroline said...

How cute - it's like a little gentleman's den :) I always secretly wanted to share a bedroom with my sister (not permanently though, that sounds like a disaster) - but she's almost nine years older than me and was like, HECK. NO. Hahaha!

Susannah said...

It looks so great!!! I love how you got all three boys into one little room in such a great way!

Kayla MKOY said...

This is so awesome! Seriously, Ashley! You know that some of their favorite childhood memories will be in this room, growing up together. It makes my heart so happy!! :)

Unknown said...

They are so lovely child!


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