Tuesday, January 24, 2017

That Dream I Had

One of my pregnancy symptoms is that I have the wonkiest, most vivid dreams.  My third trimester dreams get a little more real because of the cat naps I take all night due to insomnia.

My sister in law, Kaitlyn, is coming up around my due date to help me with the boys and to help with the new baby.  (Bless her!)  Last week, I had a dream that Kaitlyn and I were standing in my kitchen, and after one giant contraction, I told her that "I have to start pushing!!!"  (The one cool slash crazy thing about labor is that your body tells you exactly when it's time to start pushing....and there's no going back.)  Kaitlyn then, (in  the dream), took the boys to their room and gave them the iPad to watch a show, grabbed a towel, called 911, and then....I'm pretty sure I woke up.  

Traumatic.  I only live a few exits away from the hospital so LET US PRAY this situation doesn't actually happen.  I told Kaitlyn about the dream, though, and she is READY!! :) 

Last night, my dream had me on the Rockin' Roller Coaster at Disney World?? and right as I was turning the corner to take off 0-60, I started waving my hands like a crazy person telling the roller coaster operators that I was pregnant and shouldn't be on the ride.  

Also, I've worn this outfit at least once a week during this pregnancy.  The kimono/shirt/thing is from my favorite, Monroe 26, and the necklace (which my brother lovingly refers to as my "tissue necklace" and tries to blow his nose in every time he sees me) is from my favorite jewelry shop.


rooth said...

Are we getting to the final countdown?

Erin LFF said...

You are adorable, Ashley! :) And I had to LOL at both dreams... and since I love that ride at Disney I can just picture that all going down hehe. I had more weird dreams in the '4th trimester' lol, all those 2-3 hour naps around the clock were messing with my brain! What a blessing to have your SIL coming to help... thinking of you during these last weeks/days! :)

Paige Flamm said...

I have the worst dreams when I'm pregnant too! Fingers crossed for you and your sister-in-law that you make it in time!

Kayla MKOY said...

GIRL. I have the weirdest dreams EVER and I'm not pregnant, so I can't imagine how goofy mine will be when that time DOES come! OMG. So funny, though! So sweet of your SIL to come help. I'm sure that makes things a little easier on your stress levels. YAY! I can't believe baby girl is so close!!! :)


Caroline said...

ha i always love to hear about weird dreams! except that first one is a taddddd too realistic - i was getting anxiety just reading about it hahah

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, so close!

xx Kelly
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