Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Southerners in the Snow

On Saturday morning we woke up to snow and ice here in North Carolina.  Everyone jokes on us Southerners about shutting the place down during times like these (I keep watching and laughing at this video because it's SO true),  but we rarely get anything like this so we 1-don't have the equipment to handle clearing all the roads and 2-it typically turns straight to ice.

And good grief was it icy (still is!)  I eventually ventured out with the boys (snow and cold are NOT my thing) and I loved watching them play, and especially loved watching them slide down the hill with Noel (which you'll see in the video at the end.) :)

^Snow ball fighting machine right here

I hope y'all are warm and safe wherever you are!!


Ashley Robyn said...

I do love how people in the south handle the cold weather. It was in the 30's here in Texas last week and people were calling the school to see if we were letting out early. I wish we would get some snow but now that it's back in the 70's I just don't see any hope for that.

Monica: Jersey Girl, Texan Heart said...

It was 9 degrees yesterday morning and 10 this morning. I'm soooo not a cold person and I've lived in NJ my entire life. I have customers from my full time job who live down south and they told me how everything gets shuts down with 1 inch and I said, wow I wish we had that up here haha. On Saturday the boyfriend and I purposely went out to test drive my new car in the snow and we did some donuts hahaha! Ice is dangerous anywhere though, that's why we have crazy amounts of salt trucks that are out with the plows. I'm glad you guys had fun though!

rooth said...

So rare and so special when we get it, right?

Kayla MKOY said...

Love that you call him Crew boo, it's the cutest. I am obsessed with your beanie, too! Your family is just adorable. I wish we were able to sled!!

Unknown said...

I loved the recent snow! I'm jealous all your kids got to go sledding; I tried to go sledding with a makeshift sled from a plastic bin lid and it was a terrible FAIL, lol! So glad you all had fun! :D

s said...

i want to go sledding now!!! xO!


Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, it looks like the boys had SUCH a great time!

xx Kelly
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