Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Last Day

I hope you're having a great summer!  Here are some pictures from Charlie's kindergarten graduation (was that like, 5 years ago??!)  Feels like it...but better late posting than never!

Charlie had THE best teachers for kindergarten.  Mrs. Carter and Mrs Maher were absolutely wonderful and when Mrs. Carter left on maternity leave in March, Ms. Scott was an amazing sub for the rest of the year.  I prayed very hard for wonderful teachers for Charlie and I could not have been happier.  They were fantastic.

Each kid in the class got a special award.  Charlie was given the "super speedy" award meaning he got all his work done at a super speedy basically "most competitive." :)  

Good friends in class.  Sweetest kindergarten class ever...seriously!


This video is about 14 hours long, but I love the very beginning.  The humming, the change to sunglasses, and the off beat clapping (even though Charlie stays on beat the entire time....proud momma.)

On to 1st grade next year!


Kayla MKOY said...

Goodness GRACIOUS he is too cute!!!! I cannot handle it. Yay Charlie (love his outfits)! I miss you!!

Caroline said...

Wait what - Charlie looks like he's TWELVE now, such a handsome little guy!! Congratulations to him on surviving kindergarten :)

rooth said...

Congrats Charlie and he's looking so slick in his little tie! Oh my heart

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