Monday, June 6, 2016

Judging and Day Dating

A few weeks ago, I was asked to judge a dance competition that Wendell Falls hosted.  I took Charlie with me for the day and we had an absolute blast.  Here are a few pics from our day!

^A little snack before the event started.

^Hopping from one fun kid activity to the other. 

We also walked through a few of the model homes (and loved every single one of them).  Charlie especially loved this one room with lockers instead of drawers and said, "there are even TOYS in here!!"

Loved my day with my biggest boy.


Because of Jackie said...

Man, I love one on one dates with my kids, too! Looks like you two had a blast!

Caroline said...

Ooh, what a fun day! I love how Charlie rocks those glasses. He looks so grown up!

rooth said...

Always love your mother/son dates! Also, he had a blue sno-cone and didn't get it on your white dress? That's way impressive

Kelly said...

Aww, such a cute day!

xx Kelly
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