Monday, May 2, 2016

Life Lately

Happy Monday!!  Here are a few tidbits of life lately....

I taught a yoga/ballet burn class this past weekend to an amazing group of ladies at our Stake Women's Day.  The ladies were such a joy to be around...and we all worked up a great sweat! Such a fun group and a fun morning.

I chaperoned Charlie's field trip to Marbles Kids' Museum.  Anyone who knows me knows I pretty much despise the place (4 million kids=4 billion trillion germs), but this was actually fun.  I loved seeing Charlie interact with his group of friends and also enjoyed the one on one time with my biggest boy.

My friend, Kristen, and I took our kids to the NC Art Museum's Art in Bloom a few weeks ago. Gorgeous display of flowers and a great morning being with my great friend.

NC decided to give us a few days of winter a few weeks ago, and that also happened to be the weekend that we got locked out of our house for a few hours.  Noel and I took the boys for a walk and just took our garage door opener.  I guess the opener decided to hibernate, because it refused to work when we got home.  The police finally came and helped us out (so dramatic and I missed a book night...bummer!), but it was a good lesson to have spare keys on hand...and to never leave without an actual key.

Y'all!!!  Noel is almost done with school.  He booked a few of his classes this year (made the highest grade), so we attended an evening to celebrate his achievements.

At the beginning of every month, the boys and I plan a one-on-one date.  This month, Walker wanted to go out to dinner and Charlie chose to do lunch a different week. After dinner with Walker, we walked around downtown where there was an art auction going on.  The auctioneer asked "all the artists to raise their hands", and Walker shot his hand up.  Everyone lovedddd that (including me) and I fell in love with my sweetheart all over again.

Charlie had his field day last week, and contrary to what the last picture might lead you to believe, he LOVED it...all the running around and being outside...he just does not love taking a minute to take a picture with his momma while his classmates go ahead to lunch.  

I hope you all are doing so great and that you've had a wonderful start to your week!!!


Kayla MKOY said...

I love how much time you get to spend with your boys!!! :) I know they love their one on one time w/ their momma! Looks like life is treating you well, sweet friend! XOXO!!!!

Erin LFF said...

So many cute pictures! Charlie 'dunking' at the museum is too adorable- despite all the germs you were trying to avoid hehe! (I know the feeling, ick!)

Caroline said...

A beautiful life!! I love that you have 'date nights' with your boys - I know that they'll find these special dates to be precious!

rooth said...

The boys (and you) look like they're loving life - love all the smiles

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