Wednesday, March 2, 2016

All Weekend

I've had this skirt for about 100 years it feels like, and I wear it all the time.  Such a good, random find from Forever 21 back in the day!

I wore this skirt all weekend pretty the temple on Saturday morning for our Relief Society temple trip (such a wonderful morning!!) and then again on Sunday for church.  Time to get some laundry done. 

Also, I think my kindergartner takes pretty good pictures ^ ;)  Love him.

Skirt:  Forever 21 (similar style here that I'm obsessed with!!)
Shirt:  Old Navy (here)
Shoes:  Not sure because I stole these from my sister but here is a pair very similar

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Emily Ballard said...

forever 21.

so so good.

Unknown said...

I love the skirt! Isn't stealing from sisters the best?!

Unknown said...

Such a cute skirt and yiu look like you are having so much fun! I'd love you to pop by my fashion blogger link up and add this post. I think my readers would really like your style.

Caroline said...

Looks like you've got a photographer on your hands!! :)

Tayler Morrell said...

You always look so adorable!

Emily said...

Another dancing picture. Another win.


rooth said...

Sometimes the old favourites and go-tos are the best, right?

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