Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dinner and a Show

Last weekend, my friend, Catie, and I had a girls' night with dinner and a show.  Catie was one of my college roommates and, even thought we talk and text often, we haven't had a lot of one on one time in a while. It was so nice to laugh and talk and have fun together for the evening. It always seems like the weirdest, funniest things happen to us when we're together, and last Friday night proved to bring us just those things!

We saw our good friend, Courtney, perform in her show, Crossing Delancey, and were blown away by her performance.  Courtney is ALWAYS amazing and it was a treat to watch her perform.

So proud of Courtney!!!

And here is a dance pose picture in the making....

Nailed it! ;)

We were all best college buddies, so it was so fun to catch up and talk about EVERYTHING after the show.  I definitely missed my 10pm bedtime curfew, but.....worth it.

Pants:  Gap Outlet (similar here)
Top: JCrew 
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fashchronicles said...

Love that top! I love the classy but chic look!

Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

Emily said...

Is it weird this post makes me want to be college besties with you and take dance pics together?! ;)

Ash said...

You, my friend, are gorgeous. Teach me your ways. :)

s said...

you are so gorgeous! xO!


Erin LFF said...

Fun girl time like this is ALWAYS the best :) Love the dance pose in the making shots hehe- and your outfit is incredible, but what else is new!? ;)

rooth said...

How absolutely fun and congrats to your friend!

Unknown said...

Sometimes staying up past our bedtimes is required, even though we pay for it the next day. Love your outfit!

Kelly said...

I love that white coat!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Lindsay's Sweet World said...

What a fun weekend! It's always so wonderful to catch up with your girlfriends... I wish I could see mine more than I do. And I love your whole ensemble! You look fantastic!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

You look so adorable!

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