Friday, October 30, 2015

Ninja Turtle Birthday Party

This cool dude turned 4 this past weekend.  We celebrated all weekend long...just as birthdays should be celebrated!  

Walker celebrated at school with his friends and a cake, at home with balloons, chocolate chip pancakes, and croissants (2 of his favorite foods), and for a birthday party, we picked him and his cousins up in the turtle bus (my van with a turtle shell strapped to the top) :) and took them to a pizza place...because ninja turtle's favorite food is pizza!

Walker loves fiercely and Noel and I are constantly talking about the amazing little person he is. He's a good coach (he's always setting up obstacle courses for us in the back yard to practice our soccer skills), a great team member, and I can't help but notice how people are drawn to his sweet spirit.

Happy Birthday, our sweet Walker boy.  We love you so much.

Here's a video of the birthday boy!

Strolling down memory lane with Walker's 3rd birthday video and 3rd birthday party.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hello Again

I said this last night on FaceBook, but my computer got a crazy virus on it AND my keyboard broke. After taking 30 minutes to type a 2 sentence email, banging on the keys trying to push "t" and "r" without any luck, I realized that if this was my biggest frustration at the moment, my life was pretty good. :)  Anyway...everything is back from the shop and working great now.

Also working great...these black boots from Rack Room Shoes.  I'm a huge fan of boots, but only have brown, so I decided to live on the wild side and try these black ones.  It's been fun.  I'll be showing a different way I've been wearing this same pair of boots next week!

I hope y'all are doing great!

Boots:  c/o Rack Room Shoes
Skirt:  Gap: Similarish here
Top:  Old Navy, Similar here

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Yesterday, the sun came out for the first time in TWO weeks.  I put on my sunglasses and did a little paddle dance step in a circle while singing "Letttt the Sunshine In" (Hair).  It was so nice seeing everyone out and about smiling, walking, refreshing.  

Other nice things about this week:  General Conference from this past weekend (still pondering over everything...loved it), finding long sleeve onesies that fit Mr. Crew (and him looking way too adorable in them), meeting my friend Kristen's newborn baby girl,  Modern Family coming back to my life, and starting up soccer practice again.  Yay!

What's been something great to happen in your week?!

Sweater (On super clearance), Jeans, Boots: Rack Room Shoes

Monday, October 5, 2015


A few weeks ago, we visited my brother and sister in law to celebrate my brother's birthday. 

Here are a few pictures from the day....

^Yummy breakfast in downtown.

^James and Kaitlyn got a dog, and James treats him like his first born.  

And Charlie caught his first fish!! (Which we threw right back because I felt so bad for that little thing.) Charlie is a boss man on a boat.  He loves fishing, riding, steering...everything.  Kaitlyn's hat flew off and Charlie was all about it and worked hard catching it with the net.

Every time I get home from visiting my brother or my parents, I google search
"homes for sale in Eastern North Carolina" and search and save links until the late hours of the night.  We'll get there one day! :)
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