Monday, August 3, 2015

9 tips on getting baby to sleep through the night

This little sweetheart has been sleeping through the night (7pm to 7am) since he was 6 weeks old.  When people ask how I'm feeling after baby, I can honestly answer, "Great!!", because I'm getting some really good sleep!!  You can do anything when you're well rested, by the way.

I credit most of Crew's sleeping habits to being a tender mercy.  It's also helpful that Crew is my 3rd and I have a whole list of do's and don'ts for nighttime routine.

Here are some things on my do list.  (Keep in mind that every baby and situation is different!)

1.  While you're in the hospital, keep the baby in the room with you.  
                 This was the biggest difference from Charlie to Walker.  Yes, you're tired and sore and want some sleep, but when the baby is in the nursery at night, he will be exposed to super loud noises, fluorescent lights, and craziness.  When the baby is in your room, you'll be able to get used to their sounds and everything else about them.  You can ask the nurse to keep the light off in your room when they come and check on you and ask her to keep things quiet. Nighttime is for sleeping.

2.  Start a routine immediately.
                 Day 1.  I like to do a bath, lotion, prayer, kisses, turn off the light, and nurse the baby in the dark and in the quiet.

3.  Keep nighttime quiet time.
                 No talking, no playing....just basic needs are met.  This sounds a little robotic, especially with a little baby, and of course there's exceptions if they're not feeling well, but when everyone sleeps at night, I can be a better mother to them.

4.  Cool Mist Humidifier
                The sound helps them sleep and keeps them healthy during the winter.

5.  Swaddle
                I am a huge fan of the swaddle blankets they give out at the hospital.  They aren't the cutest, but they are the perfect weight and size.  I swaddle them up really tight, arms in when they're teeny, and waist down when they get a little more wiggly.

6.  Diaper Genie Elite Pail System
                 I was advised to buy one before having Charlie, but I had no clue what to do with them or the refills.  Target has all the Diaper Genie products you'll ever need.  I quickly learned that they are one of the best products ever invented. The Diaper Genie holds tons of diapers, keeps the smell in, and is right there for disposal.  No leaving diapers around and forgetting to take them to the garbage.  

7.  Nightgowns
               This is something I didn't catch on to until Crew.  When you're up in the middle of the night, you're totally drowsy, so zippers and buttons are a big ol' no.  When you have the nightgown, you can just slip the gown up, change the diaper really fast, and get them back in bed.  This is also really good for winter babies when it's so cold.

8.  Let them learn
           A few things with this.  I'm a firm believer in putting babies in their beds on night 1.  I always bring the mattress in their room for the first week so I can hear them breathe, but I like for babies to learn to sleep in their beds.
           Also, I think it's important to allow babies to learn how to fall asleep on their own. Sometimes the itty bitty babies fall asleep before you can get them in bed, but for bigger babies, it's good to lay them in bed, and let them fall asleep by themselves.

9.    Relax
              Seriously.  Best thing you can do.  The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your baby will be.  They'll sleep one day....they really will.  And if they aren't sleeping before you want them to, get someone to come over and watch the baby so you can take a snooze!

^my favorite moments are spent in this chair!

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What are some of your tried and true tips for getting a baby to sleep?!

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Paige Flamm said...

These are all awesome tips! As I was reading through them I thought, "hmm, we messed up on all of these!" It's explaining a lot now haha. Kinsley was in the nicu the first day, then we brought her home and she was in our room for 5 months because we only had two bedrooms, and we spoiled her rotten the first few months which we're paying for now. Our first though slept through that night at 6 weeks and we did all of these, so these tips are definite gold!

Helene in Between said...

i think I should use these on myself! lately I am not sleeping!

Kimberly said...

So good! I was really excited to read this because I'm about to have my 3rd and it's always so nice to hear what other moms are doing! I totally agree, I can do anything if I'm getting good sleep. I read Bringing Up Bebe and one thing I want to do with this baby, that I TOTALLY failed at with Axel (my 2nd) is giving them five minutes to try and settle back down. I would pop him on my boob the second I heard him stiring so that he wouldn't fully wake up and have a hard time getting back to sleep, but I have since learned he's just a noisy sleeper. So I was waking him up more often than he needed! I think I really disrupted his sleep pattern.

Because of Jackie said...

Yes, yes, YES to all of this! My babies were both great sleepers and I credit it to routines, swaddling, having night time be quiet and sooting, and teaching them to sleep in their own beds. Sleep is so awesome, and teaching your baby to sleep well is he best!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Oh my goodness he is a cute little munchkin and looks so much like his big bros!

Unknown said...

Crew is the cutest!! Whenever we have to buy shower gifts my mom always gets nightgowns. She says they're a life saver!

Christy said...

Awww I love him! He's darling! I had all sorts of sleeping tips planned out but acid reflux basically did away with them ALL. Ten months later, our lil one still sleeps with us. But I do love it! When we have #2, however, I will hopefully be better...

Unknown said...

I don't need these tips just yet, but when I do you better believe I'll be referencing them! Thanks for sharing lady!

Unknown said...

My boy was such a routined baby right from the start, we actually used sound machine, he loved his sleep. Thinking back I know that made the first few months so much easier than we could ever of hoped for.

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