Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Goodbye, Preschool!

Charlie is going to be the sweetheart that always takes care of his Mommy.  He is my best friend, and I'm feeling all kinds of emotional with him going to kindergarten in the fall. Charlie is very in tune with how I'm feeling...always, and he's smart as a whip. :) He's going to rock it out in elementary school.

Here are some pictures of my sweetheart's preschool graduation.

^Walker boy hanging with all the big kids before graduation.

^Mimi and Grandpa

^Charlie's great teachers

^Funny guy

Grandpa and Mimi took the grad out for a (giant) post celebration treat.  Such a cool dude. 


Emily said...

Go, Charlie! Looks like he is taking after his momma by styling' in that ice cream picture ;)

Helene in Between said...

I feel like he's growing up right in front of my eyes!

Because of Jackie said...

Awe, my baby is going to Kindergarten in the Fall, too, and I have so many mixed emotions! He has been my constant companion for almost six years, and I'm going to miss him;(

Fairy Princess Jord said...

I cannot get over how adorable (and grown up) he looks in his cap and gown. Charlie seems like such a sweetheart. Congratulations on graduation little guy, I hope he loves kindergarten!

s said...

way to go charlie! my little one just graduated pre-k so iknow the feeling! love this post! xO!


Unknown said...

Those little caps and gowns are too cute! He's going to be the coolest kindergartner. I love the shades!

Kayla MKOY said...

Ohhhh my word, I'm melting. The tie? The graduation cap? The adorable grin? Too much for my heart. I love him! YAY Charlie!!!!

rooth said...

Oh buddy congrats! And what a handsome big boy he's turning out to be

Katie said...

He's adorable! Congratulations, Charlie!

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, he is just the cutest!

xx Kelly
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