Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Apparently the hot sign at the Krispy Kreme is on right over < there, because I can't keep my eyes off of it. ;) 

This is what I wore to church this past Sunday.  Sundays are really wonderful, but they're also pretty lengthy with church and meetings and all of those things with babies. So, I try to be as cozy as I possibly can be with my dresses and skirts.

This outfit fits that description! (minus the heels, of course, but I do love my blue heels!)

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Goodbye, Preschool!

Charlie is going to be the sweetheart that always takes care of his Mommy.  He is my best friend, and I'm feeling all kinds of emotional with him going to kindergarten in the fall. Charlie is very in tune with how I'm feeling...always, and he's smart as a whip. :) He's going to rock it out in elementary school.

Here are some pictures of my sweetheart's preschool graduation.

^Walker boy hanging with all the big kids before graduation.

^Mimi and Grandpa

^Charlie's great teachers

^Funny guy

Grandpa and Mimi took the grad out for a (giant) post celebration treat.  Such a cool dude. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pitch Perfect Pants

Pants, Top, Bag, Shoes: Old from Che Bella

Stretchy waist band pants.  Perfect for days out with the babies, and movie nights with friends. Pitch Perfect 2 didn't match up to the first one, but I still loved it.  I needed a little more singing from the Treble Makers, and just more singing in general, but the riff-off made up for everything.  

Future Charlie, Walker, and Crew would have probably been embarrassed by their parents jamming out to the 90s hip hop section of that battle, but present C,W,C would have joined right in.  

Also, just as a fun fact, I'm pretty sure I know every lyric to every song that has ever been made.  Which makes me either a really awesome or really annoying person to sit beside in a movie like this.

Hope y'all have an acca-awesome day. ;)
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Last Things

The last....

*Picture I took:  ^  

Noel and I were watching the boys play and laugh and run, and just be so amazing....when Noel said, "those boys are so wonderful."  They really are, and they're the best teachers on how to really love life.

I thought this was a really neat idea.  The apostle, Elder Bednar, and his wife, hosted a live broadcast and answered questions from youth all over the world.  The overall feeling I got from the evening was that people are really better and smarter than they give themselves credit for.

*Pin I'm swooning over:

My 8 year wedding anniversary is coming up soon (eight years!!!  I'm so old),  but I'm still a sucker for a good wedding pin.  I have 2 sisters and 3 boys who will need a wedding planned some day....I have to be prepared.  This wedding is just so adorable to me.  I love the khaki suits,  the flower crowns, the white dresses in the wedding party.  Noel and I need to have a 10 year anniversary party!

*Thing I Really Loved:

This questionnaire for my mom's birthday.  My sisters, my bother, and I filled out these questions for my mom, and then had her answer them.  It was so fun (and funny at times) to hear everyone's answers, and to take a trip down memory lane. 

*Class I Took:

BodyFlow from this hard core yogi sister of mine right here ^. It's nice having a certified instructor around to give me a class while the babies are napping.  

I hope you're having a great week so far!  

Thursday, May 7, 2015

"So, are you going to try for a girl?"

I get it at the grocery store, the park, school, and even 5 seconds after I've pushed out a child (true story.)

"So...are you going to try for a girl?"

I usually don't mind the question.  I know that most people don't know what to say in a conversation, and that seeing a whole bunch of cute boys in one family makes them want to ask. I also know that it doesn't just apply to boy families.  I have a friends with 3 adorable girls, and she gets the "so, will you be trying for a boy" question all the time, too.

Usually I just say, ", I think we're good!" and move on with it, but something last week made me want to change my answer.

A lady said, "Wow! 3 boys!"...and then on cue said, "so are you going to try for your girl?" Charlie wrapped his arm around my leg right after she asked, and maybe it was a just because arm wrap, but it made me think about that question differently.

I don't want my boys, or anyone else for that matter, thinking that my life is missing something because I don't have a daughter.  If I were supposed to have a daughter, I would've had a daughter!  Charlie, Walker, and Crew need to know that they are exactly what I need in my life, and that Heavenly Father thinks the same thing.  

If you have all girls, that's what you need.  If you have a mix, that's what you need.

I need 3 boys! Which is so funny thinking about how my life was filled with tutus and high ballet buns before them. :)  But now...

I've read "Even Droids Need Friends" to Charlie more times than I can count.  PS. HOW is that even a book?  

I've panicked and run outside to put water on a worm after Walker woke up in the middle of the night, afraid that his pet worm was going to be eaten by a bird. 

I've thrown a football with, and sometimes at ("if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball"...amiright?!), the boys trying to teach them how to catch.

I've taken the boys to ballets, musicals, and movies because I'm paranoid they're going to get to school and not know the story of The Nutcracker.  

I've answered the door in the afternoon, and pretty much every time have boys run out in their underwear to the front yard.  

I'm trying to teach these boys of mine to stand up for themselves and for what they believe in, and want them to know that I will always be their safe place.

I love hearing them chant, "Ma-mee! Ma-mee!", when they see me in a "pretty dress" (which totally makes up for them asking me if I still have a baby in my belly.  I appreciate that, boys.)

I could not be more excited and honored to be these boys' mommy.  I enjoy it so much.

So....back to my change of answer to that question I'm sure I will get a thousand more times.

"Nope!  I'm happy with my sweet boys!"

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

5 things

Jeans, Top (Old Navy clearance but similar here), Heels, Blazer, Jack Rogers

I feel like I share about 3% of what I'm actually doing and thinking about here on my blog.  I've been going to bed at a decent hour (most nights), waking up super early to work out at the gym (some days), and because of that, I think I've opened up my computer maybe 3 times in the past few weeks.  (I still love my phone for Instagram scrolling, though) :)

So here are a few things I've been reading/watching/looking at:

*I love Kate Middleton with all my heart, and want her beautiful white and yellow "here's the baby" dress.  But this article explains every thought I thought when I saw her.

*I've been plowing through some Liane Moriarty books. 

*Before the month of April, I had seen one Star Wars movie.  ONE.  I knew who Darth Vader was, and knew Princess Leia had the side bun things...and that was about it.  As of today, I have seen all six movies, know all the characters, their stories, and who has what color light saber. Big "improvement"...(maybe?) from this.

*I want to plan an outdoor summer party like this.  Who wants to host with me?!

*I found this top on clearance at Old Navy, and knew I would wear it a ton.  Here are 2 ways to wear this white jean/whitish top combo.

Hope y'all are doing great!

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