Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Survey

Happy New Year!!!  This picture ^ was taken a few weeks ago at my church's Nativity celebration.  Last night, the four of us rang in the new year around 730 with pizza, sparkling cider, and a countdown.  The boys were in bed around 745, and Noel and I followed close behind around 10. :)

I love sharing my thoughts, ideas, and inspirations on this blog.  Thank you for supporting me and being part of it.

I do this every year, and would love for you to take this short survey for me.  I find it so helpful and insightful! It's 10 questions, and should take you no longer than 3 minutes to complete. Thank you, thank you in advance for taking it!!

I hope you all enjoy your day.  I was thinking I would have a January 1 baby...but he is just as cozy as can be in here. :) 


Kayla MKOY said...

I seriously love that picture of you and Charlie!! ;) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Happy New Year!

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