Thursday, December 18, 2014

Favorites songs from 2014

The Best Songs Of 2014

I was so excited to hear that Helene was doing a favorite songs link-up today.  Here are my top 5 favorite songs from this past random order.

1.  Sia:  Chandelier

Ohhhhh how I love this song.  And even though the music video is a little out there for most, this little Dance Moms girl dances the mess out of it.  

2.  Sam Smith:  I'm not the only one

And anything that Sam Smith sings, really.  But this song in particular is just spot on.

3.  Taylor Swift: Shake it Off

This song is really on this list because of the music video.  Please fast forward to 2:18 when TSwizzle does that saut de chat.  Best moment of my life.

I do have to throw it out there that I'm probably the only person that doesn't love her Blank Space video.  The fashion is beautiful in it, but the music video as a whole just does not work for me. Her awkwardness works perfectly in Shake it Off, but works hard core against her in Blank Space.   Also the deer in the room.  The deer!  I can't get over it.  

Dianna Agron in the Sam Smith video ^ above does crazy-lady perfectly.  She looks beautiful and fierce and believable.  Taylor Swift is the exact opposite and I'm confused the whole time.

4.  John Legend: All of Me

This song was so overplayed, but John Legend is amazing, and this song is still so beautiful to me.  I want my boys to sing and play piano like him. 

5.  A Great Big World and Christina Aguilara: Say Something

There was a brief moment (weeks) where all I could do was talk about my love for this song. The lyrics, the harmony, the everything!!!  This might actually go on my top favorite songs of all time list.

What was your favorite song(s) in 2014?!!


rebeccalately said...

Chandelier actually got on my nerves when it was on the radio SO much this summer. But, I actually liked it better once I saw the music video. It's different, but I love it!

Kayla MKOY said...

Oh my word I loved ALL of these songs!!! You know what's funny? I couldn't agree more about Taylor swift. She tried to be all sexy during the VS fashion show, but she is so lanky and awkward haha! She's stunning, though!!

Monica: Jersey Girl, Texan Heart said...

As a retired dancer I loved Sia's song, the dancing had so much passion behind it, even if it was a little out there. I actually started to like the song because of that video haha. Also, Say Something makes me cry. The part at the end with the older couple oh my goodness instant waterfalls coming down my face. I agree about Taylor Swift and her video for blank space. I'm not a Tswift fan to begin with but I must say her songs are catchy and I always catch myself humming them or singing them in my head haha

Helene in Between said...

i LOVE your picks! some of these I should have added to my list for this year! thanks so so much for linking up :)

Ashley Ziegler said...

These are such good songs!!

Paige Flamm said...

That awkward moment when you realized that you don't know any of these songs because screaming children and the car radio are a terrible combination... I'm promptly heading to youtube to culture myself for the year!

Caroline said...

I still find myself dancing to Shake It Off when it comes on on the radio! Ever so catchy!

The Southern Thing said...

Great picks! Chandelier should've made my list too!

Unknown said...

I think Shake it Off is on everyone's list this year! It's definitely on mine.. can't get enough of that song!

Brittany said...

You inspired me to go watch the "Blank Space" video--I kinda like the song, but you're right. First, Taylor Swift has a hard time pulling off sexy and second, the crazy thing went waaaay too far. It was weird.

Unknown said...

good list! i completely agree..t.swizzle might be in my nightmares after her black space video...

xo, k

TheTinyHeart said...

Oh I love Chandelier too...Sia has such an amazing voice!


Jacquie said...

I didn't like the music video for Blank Space but I do like the song, where as I LOVE the video for shake it off but the song itself just doesn't make me want to dance!! I'm an odd duck lol

Carla said...

Good list!

Out of Taylor's new album I actually really like Style.

I loved Rather Be by Clean Bandit, In your arms by Nico and Vinz and Keith Urban's Cop Car made me think I might finally be coming around to country music.

rooth said...

Say Something - oh that one gets me every single time

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