Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Story time at Progeny Shoppe

A few weeks ago I hosted a story time at Progeny Shoppe.  It was my second time hosting, and I had just as much fun as last time! I was pregnant the last time around as well, but good grief, I look so round sitting there this go around with my giant self!

I do love Progeny Shoppe and all their cute clothes, accessories, and nursery decor.  It really is the cutest shop of all time!

I've hosted several events lately for children that have been completely free, and I have to tell all those that brought their kids how proud I am of them!  It's so important to go and do and teach your children how to behave in social settings.

I've been a "working" mom and a stay at home mom, and there's activities and events available for both.  (I know it's hard to get to a week day morning activity when you have a full time job outside the home!)

But I'm telling you....I hear way too often how moms aren't taking their kids to story time, craft time, classes, etc. because they're afraid their child will misbehave, or not be interested, or something along those lines.  These are the opportunities children deserve to have!  These opportunities teach children how to sit stillish and listen, how to behave in public, and makes them a well-rounded individual.  

(And no, I'm not promoting a child's schedule to be packed from morning to night.  They definitely need time to themselves to learn and explore and be individuals.)

One of the many things I thank my mom for is taking me to so many of these activities.  If she had a meeting, I was there.  If there was a class of some sort, she signed me up for it.  If there was any kind of production (high school, local theatre, professional, anything(!), I was there with my mom. (And she worked full-time!)  This taught me how to interact with other people, taught me how to behave, and gave me experiences that shaped my personality.

I'm so grateful for those experiences! 

Be on the look-out for more of these story times and fun activities!


Because of Jackie said...

I always found that these types of activities were essential for my sanity when my kids were really little! I had to get out of the house at least once a day for a little bit, and often free activities like story time are the best. I mean, there is only so many times you can walk around Target to buy time!

Fairy Princess Jord said...

I love this post! I'm not a parent but I am a big sister (I have an 18 month old sister and 7 year old brother) and a nanny. In my experience the only way to learn how to behave properly in these social situations is exposure. Kids deserve to have these experiences, you are so right! It's so great you are able to host events like these and look so adorable doing it!

Helene in Between said...

how beautiful is this shop?? so pretty. and how special that you get to share such special memories with them.

Courtney B said...

I always see when you post the flyers for these on FB and every time I think it's so awesome that you do these... and makes me wish I could be there!!

rooth said...

Your mom was so much like mine - I think I did EVERYTHING as a kid and learned how to behave around other people as a result. Preach on, oh wise one

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