Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I don't have a ton of maternity clothes, but I do own 4 (FOUR!) black maternity dresses.  This cozy one just happens to be my favorite.  I found a bunch of belts on clearance at Old Navy last week, so maybe it will help make the dress look slightly different each time I wear it.  :)

I wore outfit this last week to a special Batman story time that Barnes and Noble hosted.  It was such a fun came dresses in their capes, and the ladies read Batman stories and helped out with a Batman craft.

Happy Wednesday! I'm loving this coolish (less than 90 degree) weather we're having in NC.
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dining Room turned Office

I loved our formal dining room, but we never used it, and the wasted space was getting to me.  I really wanted a room dedicated for an office space and a sitting/reading area, so...the dining room got a little makeover.

Dining Room Before:

Dining Room After:

(and a bookshelf on the wall opposite the blue love seat)

Big change...and I love it!  I cleared out the room a few weeks ago, so the room was empty for a while.  My friend, Heidi, called one day and said that she was taking a trip to Ikea, and asked if I wanted her to pick anything up.  (Such a great friend.)..and perfect timing to get things going.  

The desk, desk chair, and rug are from Ikea, the love seat is from my sister in law's house, and everything else we had!  I bought the Anthropologie candle for myself for Mother's Day...favorite scent everrrr.

We've really been enjoying this room.  I like having a set place to get work done, and it's nice to have a separate room to read and study..and play (the boys use the lines on the rug as their road.) 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Call the midwife

I was having dinner with my friend, Krissy, the other night, and she told me about a show she was enjoying, Call the Midwife.  It's a BBC show, so I assumed I would like it (love me some Downtown Abbey), and I was right.

I would say don't watch it if you've never had a child, but either way, it will mess you up something fierce.  In fact, during the 1st episode, I texted Krissy and told her that I needed an epidural just watching.

It really is amazing, though.  The show is based on journals of a British midwife from the 1950s, and it has completely sucked me in.  Noel keeps saying, "should you be watching this while you're pregnant?" And yes, yes I should be.  The stories are incredible and the characters are so fun.  And, oh, how I'm grateful for people who take care of all the pregnant ladies and babies, (and for clean hospitals). 

PS.  The first 2 seasons are on Netflix if you're interested. :)
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Craving

My cousin is having a baby girl in August, so the boys and I went to celebrate with her last Saturday. It was wonderful being around family and spending the afternoon seeing her unwrap cute baby gifts and eating yummy food.

A few days before the shower, I woke up in the middle of the night craving strawberry cream cheese from Boulevard Bagel.  The craving was real!!! Like, I couldn't get it out of my mind.  The only Boulevard Bagel is in Greenville (where I went to college and yay! where my cousin currently lives), so it worked out perfectly that we were going there.

The only problem was that I only remembered the wonky hours BB has when we showed up to the shower.  (They close way too early and there was only a few minutes left 'til closing).  I told my sister that I would name the baby Jessica Ann Walker Anderson if she went out to get me some.  She did because she's amazing like that, and I have never been so excited about eating anything everr.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A quick vacay

Noel hasn't been able to take a vacation, or a break for that matter, in a really long time, so we decided to take the boys to Charleston for a quick getaway.

Noel used the airbnb app to find us a place, and it was.....interesting.  It was definitely way less expensive than getting a hotel, and it was definitely "an experience".  We were driving in a pretty run down neighborhood, and I kept thinking, I'm sure we have a few more minutes before we get to the apartment we're going to stay in.  When we stopped, in that neighborhood, in front of a place that looked CRAZY, I gave Noel the serious side eye, and Walker goes, "this isn't Charlestonnnnnn!!!!!" It was that bad.  When we got inside though, Charlie said, "this is AWESOME!!", and the boys had the time of their lives in the apartment (they love apartments), sharing a bed, and being in a new space. They sure do make life fun.

The place ended up being fine, and we had a great time.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip.

^couldn't you just eat him?!!

Our first stop was to USS Yorktown, the aircraft carrier.  We all really enjoyed it.  I loved the history behind it, and the boys couldn't get enough of the jets, sitting in the captain's seat, and the boat in general.

Those lights! This picture doesn't do this setting any justice.  Our restaurant for the first night didn't work out,  so after site-seeing for a while, and walking in the humidity and heat, I was about ready for some dinner.  The only place that didn't have a 3 hour wait was this little Italian place.  I was hesitant at first because the front section of the restaurant looked really fancy and had zero kids in it, but we just had to take our chances because the baby needed some noodles. We've taken the boys to Ruth's Chris (true statement) many times, and they're usually pretty well-behaved at restaurants, and they were here as well.  What made it so nice was that the hostess, who happened to also be the owner, was so welcoming and kind to the boys.  She made them a special fruit juice blend, brought them lots of bread, and treated them like she would any other guest.  It was a great experience.

Blogging, dancing, and real life friends!! We've been great bloggy friends for a while, so it was so exciting to finally meet Emily in person.  We were able to go to her apartment in Charleston, and she is just the sweetest, funniest, and most fantastic person ever.  

We took a carriage ride tour around town, and I don't think that will ever get old.  I love seeing all the beautiful homes and flowers, and learning more about the history of the city.  (Walker seemed to enjoy the ride as well, and got a great nap out of it.) :)

I'm glad we were able to get away for a few days.  Noel and I definitely need to plan a mini vacation for just the two of us sometime soon, but I love taking the boys with us on trips.  I think one of the biggest reasons my brother and sisters and I are all so close is because we always vacationed together.  My parents took us on their business trips, on regular trips, to fancy restaurants, and just about everywhere, and I'm so glad they did.  

Hope you're having a great week!
PS.  Pictures from our 1st Charleston trip yearssss ago here.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Favorite Summer Lips

I've always preferred lipgloss to lipstick, but these 3 shades have changed my mind.  

You're welcome in advance for the super, up-close pictures. :)

Pink, pink!!  Estee Lauder's Candy Shimmer.  I actually got this in one of their free gifts, and wear it often.

These are the kinds of pictures my siblings get on a regular basis.

This is THE color.  The best red lipstick around.  Rebecca from Rebecca Lately recommended Revlon's Candy Apple, and I loveeee it.

Remember the berry kiss lipstick from my-favorite-movie-of-all-time, The Holiday?  And then remember how I tried out my sister in law's real life Berry Kiss and almost didn't give it back?! I finally got my own, (Mary Kay sells it), and it's a great color.

And yes, the boys usually have some trace of lip color on them, but it's usually along those adorable cheeks that I get them. :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pregnancy so far!

Thank you so much to everyone for your well wishes about our new, sweet baby coming soon.  I'm due January 7, (which happens to be Noel's first day of classes for the 2nd semester of law school),  so maybe...maybe...this baby will come at least a day early. The big brothers were both 4 days late, so we'll see!

I'm officially 14 weeks, and am feeling better than I have been.  This pregnancy has been like the boys, but much more intense (sickness wise), and that sickness has lasted for a lot longer. I've figured out what foods just don't work anymore (yogurt, milk....gag!!), and have realized what foods the baby really likes....(chicken minis and CFA Coke).  

I've made a trip everyday a few trips to Chick-Fil-A, so a big thanks to the people working there for not giving me crazy looks when I show up at the drive-thru...again, and an even bigger thanks for those few times when I've pulled up and decided, "nope, sorry, this isn't what baby wants right now", and just driven away.

What's been such a blessing, though, is that I received a calling (assignment) at church that has helped me stay busy and not think about myself, and has really been such a life saver in more ways than just a cure for my "morning" sickness (which was really afternoon/night sickness).

Charlie and Walker are SO excited.  Charlie has been asking for a baby for a long time now, and he ran and jumped and clapped when we told him.  The boys kiss the baby many times during the day and want to name the baby (girl or boy) either Santa Claus or Walker.  Both great name suggestions. 

And speaking of names....we have no ideas right now.  I like to have both the boy name and the girl name picked out before we find out the gender, so when we find out it's like "Oh there's Charlie!"...or "yayy, look at Walker!", so we have about 6 ish weeks to come up with something great. :)
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