Friday, July 19, 2013

Top Scenes

For about 2-3 years, I posted on my blog about....twice.  One of those posts was about my favorite scenes from movies.  I thought I'd freshen things up a bit and talk about 5 more of my favorite movie scenes.  (#4 on the first list is still my all time favorite scene)

Here's an updated list in no particular order:

1.  Adoption scene from What to Expect When You're Expecting:

It's confirmed that if you experience no emotions while watching this scene, you are a robot. I love, love, love this adoption scene.  So beautiful and JLo is perfection.

2.  Audition scene from Pitch Perfect:

We watch this single scene on a weekly basis at my house.  (I'd be the girl who sings "took the time".  Acting everything out literally.)

3.  Pocahontas and John Smith "get caught" scene.

Interesting choice, right?  But really....this scene is incredible.  The gorgeous instrumental music, the swirling wind, the emotion....come on!!!  Disney killed it with this scene.

4.  New Moon "changing seasons"

New Moon was my least favorite book of the Twilight series, but was my favorite movie.  Say what you want about the Twilight movies, but this scene was brilliantly directed.

5.  Leo's first appearance in Romeo and Juliet

I couldn't find the exact scene on Youtube, but this clip shows it (kind of) around 5 seconds.  I fell in love with Leo during his opening scene in Romeo and Juliet...and have loved him ever since!

My amazing friend, Courtney, and I were able to have a full on girls' night last night, and it was fantastic.  I was telling her about my post for today...we're both movie lovers...and we agreed that the entire movie of West Side Story should be included in my "favorite scenes post".

What are some of your favorite movie scenes?!

Happy Friday!!
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Helene in Between said...

i love the pochantas and pitch perfect one!! I have to admit I've never seen what to expect when you're expecting. maybe I should watch that one!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Ah, Pitch Perfect! I love that movie so much.

You know my feelings on Twilight but I will agree that they took a difficult scene to film in the book and did it very well.

As for favorite movie scenes, I love Office Space when they take the take the copier out in the field and beat it with a hammer.

And although I am totally not a shmoopy person, I might have squeed during the kissing in the rain scene in the Notebook. Ryan Gosling is one sexy man. :D

Happy Weekend!

Anna said...

I LOVE Romeo + Juliet! Leo is the finest he's ever been in that movie. I also love the scene where him and Juliet see each other for the first time in the fish tank...the music gets me every time!


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still being [molly] said...

YES!!! that scene from Romeo and Juliet has always been one of my favorites, too! and uhhh yeah, i should have not watched that adoption scene while at work. huge mistake.

Kelly said...

Pitch Perfect audition is the best, hands down!

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The Mrs. and The Momma said...

LOVE this! Such a cute idea! I think the volleyball scene in Top Gun is one of my faves....wink, wink. :)

TheTinyHeart said...

My favorite Twilight movie is the first one! Breaking Dawn was my least favorite book of the series. Happy Friday!

The Tiny Heart
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Kayla Peveler said...

Omg Ashley, these are all PERFECT choices. Literally, I couldn't agree more. Now I want to go home, put some sweats on and watch them ALL!!

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

These are perfect! Especially the adoption. Tear jerker!

Nicole | Pharr Away said...

Such great picks! I must say the representation of deep, unconditionally love showcased in all of the Twilight movies truly gets my emotions going. I'm also a huge fan of The Notebook (the rain scene, especially) and I have yet to see Pitch's on my list of must see movies this summer!

Caroline said...

Ahh that scene in What to Expect When You're Expecting is absolute perfection! I love, love, love every scene in Pitch Perfect, haha... have you watched the deleted scenes from it? Search on Youtube - priceless!

K&R said...

gosh, i love pitch perfect, we just watched it this week actually haha.
and i agree, i do like that scene in new moon, whatever haters gonna hate.

ryan and i are movie people as well.
hmm i loved warm bodies
the holiday
all of the batman movies
500 days of summer
slumdog millionare

oh gosh i could go on forever.


Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

love pitch perfect, that scene in new moon - totally loved how they did it, and romeo + juliet - such a good movie!!

rebeccalately said...

I've never seen What to Expect or Pitch Perfect, but I'm going to have to redo my makeup after watching that adoption scene!

I feel exactly the same about New Moon. And that scene is my favorite!!

Ahhh... Romeo and Juliet. I love the Leonard DiCaprio/Claire Danes version.

Amy Shaughnessy said...

Oh my gosh, Romeo and Juliet came out when I was a junior in high school and I was on danceline at the time. ALL of us were obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio. We had a Christmas party and the soundtrack was one of the presents (we did the dirty santa thing where you can steal a present from someone. I stole that stupid cd so many times but ended up going home with it. And that adoption scene made me cry no matter how hard I tried not to.


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Kimberly said...

So my daughter just asked to watch Pocahontas and I turned it on Netflix and it was at that EXACT scene! I had no idea she even knew that movie.

I LOVE the scene from Notting Hill where he walks through the markets and the seasons change.

Care said...

This shows me I need to watch more movies! I think I've only seen one of those!! :-) such great clips though!!

Unknown said...

The changing seasons scene was a WOW moment for me when I watched. I just thought it is a perfect expression of that kind of feeling. I know every word of Pocahontas lol. And Beauty and the Beast

Carrie @carrieloves said...

I love that New Moon scene, it's my favorite song, too!

Hailey Stoner said...

Oh Leo on Romeo and Juliet. How many times I watched that as a girl??!!?? Pitch Perfect rocks, and New Moon really surprised me! Totally my least favorite book but the movie was awesome! I love when the store owner sees her you tube video of herself!

Annie said...

I just watched Pitch Perfect this weekend and I LOVE it - so hysterical! These are def some great movie scenes :)

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Unknown said...

New Moon was my least favorite twilight book...until the 4th book came out anyway. I do like that scene as well though. I love the music they picked for it. I just watched what to expet when you're expecting a few weeks ago, and that scene was so sweet.

Setarra said...

Ahhh I love West Side Story! And as far as scenes go, I love the tango scene in Moulin Rouge ... So intense and passionate.

Chelsea Mac said...

This post was EXACTLY what I needed on a Monday! Love love love all of these movies and your selections. Have a happy one friend :)

lori said...

aw the adoption scene in what to expect totally gets me, too! I am not a jlo fan, but she did a great job!!

Anonymous said...

NO WAY! The revolving sitting in a chair for 5 minute scene?? Come on ;) I've never even watched that movie in English but I could tell you all about it, because it was THAT simple

rooth said...

Okay this totally took me on a detour of watching Pitch Perfect clips for like 20 minutes. Now I have to see the movie!

Dawnelle @ Just Dawnelle said...

Ooh that scene from What to Expect When you're Expecting... gosh I get all tearing just thinking about it. Jennifer Lopez was seriously like you said perfection... This whole post has me thinking now haha I wonder what I would include in a favorite movie scenes post? hm... haha

Rach said...

Such great choices! I just love these! The adoption scene is so great!

Erin LFF said...

Oh my gosh. I BAWLED MY EYES OUT during the adoption scene. I get teary just thinking about it!!

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