Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Church Outfit

Skirt and Shirt: Gap Outlet, Shoes: DSW, Necklace: GroopDealz, Pics edited by the fab Kayla

Dressing for church can be a challenge, so I am going to start a section on the blog featuring different Sunday outfits.  This page will hopefully serve as an inspiration for you while getting ready for church! I'll post some of my Sunday outfits, but would also love for you to contribute to this page.  If you have any modest dress or skirt outfits, (ones that have some sort of sleeve and is around knee length or longer),  I'd love to feature them on this page.  (You don't have to be a blogger to contribute).  You can send outfits you've worn in the past, or you can send them to me in the deadline, as it will be ongoing.  (Email pictures to Thank you!

I wore this outfit to church this past Sunday, and was excited to wear my new necklace from Groupdealz.  Another exciting happening this Sunday was that our ward split (for the 2nd time in 4 years).  It's incredible to see our church grow so much in our area, and even more exciting to be part of it!  The LDS church has a women's organization called the Relief Society, and this last picture is of me and the rest of the Relief Society presidency in our ward.  It was a bittersweet day, as 2 of us will be staying with the "old ward", and 2 of us will be going to the "new ward".  I have learned so much from these sisters and friends of mine.

Happy Wednesday!
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Elegance and Mommyhood said...

You look Beautiful Ashley.

All those pieces are Beautiful, especially the Shoes & Necklace. =)

Helene said...

love this idea AShley!! and this is a perfect church outift! love the necklace!

Malanda @ Outnumbered by Little Boys! said...

I really love this idea and outfit choice! I sometimes struggle to find cute outfits that are church appropriate so I end up wearing the same few staples in rotation. Will also be good to see where others are buying their clothes for church.

Just Another Shopaholic said...

Beautiful classic pieces girlie!!

Fairy Princess Jord said...

Your church outfit is adorable, trendy but also classy and appropriate for church! Love it!

Grace Wainwright said...

Those shoes--I absolutely love. This is a perfect outfit for church! The necklace adds such a pop of color to the outfit while still keeping it classy and sophisticated. Love love love it!

Happy Wednesday!
A Southern Drawl

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Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

You are so gorgeous! I love this church outfit! The pop of color in the necklace is awesome, too!

Because Shanna Said So said...

Yay for the's the most fun one around these days! And that is so exciting about your church's are such an inspiring lady...I look up to you! :)

still being [molly] said...

yay! i love this idea!! i can't wait to see all the inspiration!

Lauren @ Style of Ones Own said...

Lovely look. That is perfect for church. I was so excited for the Groopdealz fan fringe necklace as well. :)

Style of One's Own

Ash said...

Ooo I've been eyeing that necklace for a while! It looks beautiful on you! And I love the idea of featuring church outfits... I blogged mine today too :)

Rachel said...

So pretty! I love the puffy sleeves with the sleek skirt!

Ginny Williams said...

LOVE THIS OUTFIT!!! Adorable!!!


Caroline said...

Such a great idea! I love how you can dress modestly, but still be chic - that necklace is so cute!

Kelly said...

How pretty, I love the necklace and your shoes!

Sparkles and Shoes

Carlie said...

I love that necklace! And that is exciting that the church is growing so much there!

Nicole Shea said...

Super cute outfit!! And trust me--I hear you on how it can sometimes be a challenge....especially when you're 27 weeks pregnant and have been wearing the same 4 dresses every Sunday! Time to get really creative with the accessories!!! :)

Audrey said...

This feature sounds like such a great idea! At my church, it's so confusing. Some people show up in jeans and sweat shirts, while others show up in suits all dressed up and such.

carrieburke said...

I love the entire outfit! It's great how you've found a way to look stylish but also be modest for church (:

rebeccalately said...

This outfit looks amazing on you, Ashley! I will definitely make a point to take more a pic of my Sunday outfit this weekend to send to you. I don't know about you, but our house gets a little crazy on Sunday mornings and if we get to church on time, it's an accomplishment!

p.s. You always have awesome shoes!!!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

girl, dressing for church seriously is hard.


Allie Emme said...

Love the necklace and top!
Allie | A Song to Pass the Time

Nicole | Pharr Away said...

Oh my, those shoes are too cute! Love this outfit. I do struggle each week to put something together for church. I look forward to seeing these different outfits and contributions and hope to contribute at least one photo myself...we'll see!!!

Kenz2410 said...

Love that necklace! Great idea for Sunday outfit ideas....I could definitely use some inspiration in that area.

TheTinyHeart said...

That necklace is to die for! I was *this* close to buying it on Groopdealz but I told myself I do not need any more statement necklaces :)

The Tiny Heart
PayPal Giveaway!

Jena Roach said...

You always look great, Ash. I love that necklace! I agree about dressing for church being challenge, mostly cause they keep the building so dang cold! My cute summer dresses totally wouldn't work!

The Mrs. and The Momma said...

That necklace!!!! Love this look girl!!! Church chic! :)

Unknown said...

2 times in 4 years? Wow, that's awesome to see that the area is growing so quickly. I'll have to send in an outfit or two for church. Perhaps I'll do one of how to wear a dress without sleeves to church? Also, your shoes are amazing.

AdventurUs said...

Love this idea. I never want to get up early enough to actually style a good outfit, so I wear dresses a lot! One less piece to choose ;)

Courtney B said...

Love this! Your shoes are probably my favorite! And let's talk about how lonnnnng your hair is getting!

Colleen said...

love the necklace and your skirt. pretty!

NewlyLoved said...

lovely church outfit!!

xo Jessica

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

So wonderful to see what you wear to church, it can definitely be a hard place to dress for! I love this gorgeous statement necklace too!
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Kelsey Eaton said...

You are so cute! Your hair looks fabulous and your shoes are darling!

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