Friday, July 12, 2013

6 ways to take care of "YOU"!

For the longest time I always thought it was so strange that during an emergency on an airplane, you were instructed to put on your own mask before you assisted a child.  Of course I would put my child's mask on first, right?

It's interesting, though, because now I totally understand the point of taking care of yourself first.  If you don't take care of yourself, there is absolutely no way you can take care of someone or something else.  No way.

We are all responsible for something besides ourselves...whether it's children, assignments at work, classes, church responsibilities, or school work....and we need to remember that in order for these things (or people) to be taken care of, we HAVE to take care of ourselves first!

So, with help from many of you (thank you so much!), I have put together a list of 6 ways to take care of YOU and ways to lift your spirits.

1.  Exercise

Every time I leave the gym, or finish a walk, or do some type of exercise, I always feel better. The key is finding something that you love to do.  Find it and do it!  Here are some suggestions:

*Take a walk (Jamie F)
*Go for a run (Talisha R)
*Play soccer (Laurie O)
*Take a dance class (Erika T)
*Do yoga/pilates (Natalie H)

I am not a runner...never have been and probably never will be (I seriously get a side cramp about 3 minutes in). But, I take a Pilates class every week and LOVE it.  For months I was having some serious back pain, but this class has done wonders for my body, and I honestly feel like a brand new person.

2.  Serve (Kelsey E)

I know I always feel so much happier and less self centered after doing some type of service.  Some ways to serve others:

*Be a great listener.  Sometimes people don't want advice..they just want someone to listen.
*Compliment someone.  If you like something they're wearing, tell them! If you enjoyed a lesson they taught, let them know.
*Schedule one-on-one time with your kids, your siblings, etc.
*Give your dogs (or cats) extra/lots of attention (Sara R.)
*Bake someone a treat

This quote really is true. To find ourselves we really have to serve others.

3.  Go to your happy place

Hopefully, you have that one place that makes you instantly happy.  I remember going to see the movie Jane Eyre several years ago, and while sitting in my car after the movie, I had 2 choices.  I could either run my car off a cliff (because it was THAT depressing) or I could go to Target.  Target it was...and even though I didn't buy anything, my spirits were lifted just walking up and down a few aisles.  Other "happy place" suggestions:

*Barnes and Noble (Courtney S)
*Family members' home
*The temple
*Favorite spot in your home

4.  Do something alone

There are a ton of benefits of being by yourself.  Alone.  With no one "with" you and preferably no phone to distract you.  These times are ones that allow you to feel rejuvenated and feel inspired.  Some suggestions of things to do alone:

*Go to a movie solo (LK Lancaster)
*Take a drive (Talisha)
*Lay in the sun (Emily S.)
*Walk around Target (Priscilla S.) Targets does it again!

5.  Do "your" thing

We all have that one thing (or many things) that instantly helps us feel more relaxed.  I like to take a really warm shower, put on my oversized Les Mis shirt,  and make a treat while I either watch a favorite show/movie or read a really great book. Another thing I do is call a family member or a good friend.  (Priscilla S said she does the same!)  I can be so mad/sad/stressed out and a quick chat with one of my siblings or Jennie instantly cures that.  Some other instant relaxers:

*Get a mani/pedi (Rhonda T)
*Take a bubble bath (Chantal F)
*Wear fuzzy socks (Ashlyn G)
*Watch a funny show/reality tv/favorite movie (Lindsey J) (Crystal T)
*Eat a favorite cookies/doughnuts (David B...which is so awesome/cliche since David is a cop) :-)
*Get your diamond cleaned (Jennie C)

6.  Get Outside (Jordyn S)

I am a firm believer that fresh air can cure most problems.  It's a little hard to enjoy the hottttt summer days right now, but every now and then, an amazing breeze will come through, or a night will be just right to sit outside...and all is right with the world.  Things to do outside:

*Picnic in the park
*Walk in a new spot to explore
*Frozen yogurt with a friend...or by yourself (See #4) :-)

Remember to take care of yourself!  By doing this, you can do so much good in so many ways!!  

Happy Friday!  What are you going to do to take care of yourself this weekend?
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Krista said...

Such a great list Ashley! I've gotten away from taking care of myself the past month or so due to some temporary circumstances but fully plan to put some of these back into action. I think I'll even take a brief walk today after all :)

Leaving for a beach vacation this weekend, if that's not taking care of yourself I don't know what is! ;)

Lauren {By Lauren M} said...

These are such good tips. It's amazing how quickly we can get caught up in life and forget to take care of ourselves physically, mentally or spiritually! I'm an avid runner, so if I don't get out there 3 times a week to sweat it out and clear my head, I'm just not as effective doing everything else!

Fizz and Frosting

Chelsea Mac said...

These are all such good tips and reminders that I think we all need! It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget about your own needs. I love it! Happy Friday!

Kenz2410 said...

Great suggestions! I agree, there's just something about being outside that lifts your spirits.

Being Reese 2 said...

Some really great suggestions. Especially 1&2. I was feeling down in the dumps earlier and went for a run. I ran the farthest I've run all summer and that has definitely given me a bit of a boost.

I wish more people would spend more time volunteering. That is the ultimate "feel good" because not only does it make you feel better and give you perspective, but it could potentially have a positive impact on someone else. Great post!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

I like all of these, and do almost all of them. Two peas in a pod, I tell ya.

This weekend the Bestie and I are going to see The Heat and then it is Ben Folds concert time! WOO!

pretty little things said...

this is such a great reminder -- thanks for sharing this! xo

Helene said...

LOVE this ashley! and something I need to keep in mind, especially right now!

TheTinyHeart said...

This is a great list! I love going to the beach which is both my happy place and checks off the going outside thing :) Have a wonderful weekend!

The Tiny Heart

Kayla Peveler said...

I used to always think it was selfish to put your mask on first before a childs...but it really makes sense.

Love this list! It really spoke to me girlfriend. Sometimes relaxing by yourself is all you need :)

Jessie Jones said...

I'm looking forward to a little "me" time this weekend, and getting outside to check on my garden! :-)

Kelly said...

I agree with all, but go to your happy place is my favorite!

Sparkles and Shoes

Susannah said...

It's so true! Taking care of yourself is such an important thing! This list is marvelous! I like to cuddle up with a book when I need "me time" :-)

Amy Shaughnessy said...

I was supposed to meet a friend for frozen yogurt today but I'm sick. Boo. Going to a movie is something I like to do for myself. It's so fun!


Fashion and Beauty Finds

Caroline said...

So true! Taking care of ourselves definitely needs to be a priority. I would want exercise to be my big thing, but ha... I get so bored with every exercise - so I need to find something different every time!

Happy Weekend! Hope you get some Target time in there, I know I will :)

Allison said...

Love this list! And you are so right...we have to take care of ourselves so we can present our best selves to others! :) I just discovered Zumba and I'm totally in my happy place there!

RH said...

I absolutely LOVE Kelsey's answer! Serve, it is always the best way to forget yourself and in the end really come to know yourself.
The temple is always my favorite and definitely need to make it there more often! I love this post! You are so amazing!!

Kristen said...

Where was this post when I was trying to get through nursing school?!? Seriously, I agree with all of this! I think reading is my favorite thing to do alone. I am loving the make a treat and eat it while watching a favorite show or movie. I will have to do that!

Emily said...

um, 12 hoo-rahs for pilates! changed my life and how i look at and am aware of my body. love this post! as we head into the last month before our wedding i have heard the "love/respect yourself, and only then will you be fully able to love/respect another" thing quite often.

Unknown said...

wonderful list, ashley! it's so important for all of us to make sure we take care of ourselves so we can be the best "us" to our loved ones!

have a great weekend :)


The Lady Okie said...

For real. Jane Eyre was SO depressing. Glad you didn't drive off a cliff ;) Target is the way to go!

still being [molly] said...

i LOVE this, ashley!! your perspective is so awesome.

Kirsten Wiemer said...

yes, to all of these, especially the outside one!


Lindsay said...

Such a great list and something we all need to remember.

Nicole | Pharr Away said...

These are awesome! As much as I despise going to exercise I do always feel better afterwards. Going to the movies alone, taking a drive and visiting Target are definitely my top three things to do when stressed or in need of some me time! Love these suggestions!!!

Dawnelle @ Just Dawnelle said...

Oh once again I just love reading your blog... This was one of those lessons I had to learn the hard way as a mom. Once in awhile you just have to do something for yourself. If you don't take care of yourself there is no way you are going to be able to be the best person you can. I love this list!! Thank you thank you Ashley!!

Megan said...

Great list! I definitely have to have some alone time and some me time doing something I want to do like reading or watching a favorite movie or show. I get so stressed if I don't.

Care said...

This is beautifully said. I love how you broke down each category and especially how you talked about serving.. I think people forget about that sometimes.. see it as taking care of others but really it is doing something for your self..! Thanks for the wonderful reminder. Love it.

chantal marie said...

this is so true. it is a good exercise to just sit down and think about what you need so you can make a point to do it. it's funny you did this post because recently i have been focusing a lot on finding things that bring me joy, lower stress and overall make me better.

i have been taking tennis lessons (which i love), bubble baths and russ and i recently started reading about and trying to learn how to meditate!

Unknown said...

LOVE these, Ashley! thanks for the reminders!

Caitlin C. said...

These are SO great!! What an inspiration. i love every single one :)

Deidre said...

i do think it is so important to take care of yourself. I mean, frankly you have to live with you. you know?

Well, the thing I did to take care of myself this weekend was get out of a situation that was making me miserable. So that's nice.

Unknown said...

I totally get what you said about pilates. That's how I feel about yoga. I finally started going to my favorite yoga teacher again and it's like my body is just saying YYYYESSSSSS.

Nikki said...

I totally agree with all of these! Especially the exercising part. Not everyone has to do the same moves/forms of exercise.. but finding the right one for you makes a world of difference!
Nikki at

Rach said...

I've found service to be really huge for me. It helps me see outside myself and usually is a great reminder of how blessed I am. :)

AdventurUs said...

Camping normally does it for us. The mountains are outside, my happy place, a great source of exercise, and a place to reflect! to find a way to serve while camping...Hm...

Heidi said...

I agree with all of these! Especially going for a walk and doing something alone. :)

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