Sunday, May 12, 2013

The thing about Mother's Day....

There's a new bypass going to and from the beach, so when we were going home last weekend, I plugged in my GPS just to make sure that I didn't miss it.  Somehow, though, the directions were completely wonk, and before I could realize that I was taking every single back road to my house, it was too late to figure out another direction.  

At first I was really frustrated that my GPS was taking me this way.  I was driving with the boys by myself (for 3 hours), and being in unfamiliar territory was a little scary.  But after a while, and after I realized that this way would actually get me home, I started to think about all the good things about this trip.  

I was kinda tired when I left the beach, so the new roads/directions kept me alert.  I discovered a part of our state that I had never seen before.  We saw beautiful land (with lots of tractors for the boys' entertainment), and lots of neat landmarks that I never knew existed....instead of the long highway that we were used to.  Yes, I wanted to go the most direct route home...but this new route helped me discover some new things and actually helped me in the long run.

This story has a point!

My heart gets so heavy each year around this time.  I can still remember the Mother's Days so clearly when I was trying to get pregnant and couldn't, and wanted a baby so bad.  

Seeing other moms hold their cute little babies, and wanting so badly to experience the same thing. Taking a carnation at church, and feeling so weird about accepting it, but not wanting to create a scene by telling the guys that I wasn't a mother.  I would cry every Mother's Day...and I know this day is really hard for a lot of people.

I would often try to figure out why I couldn't have a baby right away or why I had to go through miscarriages.  Those years were definitely the toughest I've ever experienced.

But looking back, I know why I went through those things.  I met many people during those years that are now a huge part of my life, who help me out with my boys, and who have taught me so much.  I learned things throughout those years that I wouldn't have learned at any other time in my life.  Things that now make me a better mother and hopefully a better all around person.

So going back to my story earlier....sometimes our journey might not be one that we choose, and it might take us a little longer to get there than we expected....but that's ok.  You'll get there one way or another, and you'll love and appreciate the end destination more than you could ever imagine. 

With all that being said, if you are hurting today, remember the things that make you so wonderful and celebrate that.  It truly takes a village to raise a child, so never underestimate your influence in shaping a child's life through teaching, or mentoring, or just by example.  And if you do have children, enjoy them and cherish them!  Make today a day to celebrate and honor all the amazing women in your life (including yourself).  
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