Friday, March 29, 2013

March's Favorite Things

Here are some of my favorite things from the month of March.

I can't remember the last time Noel and I were in a picture together.  It's usually one of us with the boys while the other one is taking the picture.  My sister took this right after her show.

Birthday parties are my favorite, and I loved Charlie's party at the fire station a few weeks ago. 

While Charlie is in his little gymnastics class, I sit in the lobby and read.  I love it!  And I really like this book (only a few chapters left).  

I posted this picture on Instagram yesterday, but I just can't get enough of it.  Going in to story time yesterday morning, Charlie reached for Walker's hand and said, "I'm so proud of're walking so good, baby!"  

And speaking of Walker walking.  :-)  I snapped a few seconds of him roaming the halls while big brother was in a little class.  

I hope you had a great March!!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Music Man

Sweater: Old Navy (sold out but similar here), Skirt: Old Navy clearance but similar here (in different color), Boots: Cousin Couture (sold out way long ago and I haven't been able to find any like them since..let me know if you can!)

  This is the outfit I wore to see my sister, Sarah perform in her last high school musical, The Music Man.  It's definitely not one of my favorite shows (mainly because there are always 4 billion people on stage), but I have to admit that I was singing Marian the Librarian for a week after...and Sarah was amazing, of course!  (This is a cute version with Matthew Broderick and Kristin Chenoweth.)  

Have you seen The Music Man?  And yes, I'm staying true to my favorite spring look this week with my light sweater and skirt.  

PS.  Are you wanting to add to your spring wardrobe?  Make sure you enter to win this giveaway!
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Adding to your wardrobe

How are you doing with spring cleaning your closet?  Remember #4?  Adding one new piece to your wardrobe for the spring?  Well, when Mary sent me this collage, I thought..."one of everything, please!"  

And if you are wanting to add a few new pieces to your spring wardrobe....get excited!

Mary is a sweet mother of 3 littles under 3 (super mom!)  She has fantastic taste in fashion and decor (this collage had me swooning a while back), and writes beautiful posts that suck you in.  And today, Mary is giving one lucky reader a $50 gift card to JCrew!

Rebecca puts together THE cutest outfits.  She needs to be my personal shopper, for sure.    She recently put together a Spring shopping list (she has to get the navy blazer she has her eyes on!), and also had major success in carrying out a Pinterest project.  I love when that happens.  Today, Rebecca is giving away a $25 gift card to TJMaxx!

So one lucky reader will win $75 just in time to to spruce up their Spring wardrobe.  I'm so excited about this!

Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter!
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Also, I hope you'll link up with me this Friday for March's Favorite Things.  I'll be adding an extra entry on to this giveaway for everyone who links up...yay!

Giveaway will end this Sunday.  
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Monday, March 25, 2013


I think I've experienced true anxiety twice in my life. 

 The first time was when I was 40 weeks pregnant with Charlie.  I was scheduling my induction date, and found out that the doctor on call for that date was the one who had botched my D&E the year earlier (sending me to the hospital by ambulance).  Thank you Charlie for coming before that date (and for my favorite doctor being on call.)

The second time was when Charlie was a few days old.  Daylight Savings Time had just kicked in, and  watching the sun go down sent me into a fit of nerves.  Charlie liked to party all night until he was about a month old, and I knew I would be up all night by myself.  The thought was terrifying and so lonely...thank goodness I figured out how to turn things around and get that boy sleeping!  

Becoming a mother completely changed my life...but it did so for the better, in every way.  This past weekend, I was thinking about how much I love the stage my children are in right now.  They still need me and love on me, but I don't have to pack the entire house to go out for the morning.  (Even though, seeing a little 0-3months outfit this weekend did absolutely nothing for this baby fever of mine.)

I was reading Jillian Michaels' article in Parenting Magazine recently, and really loved what she had to say about being a mother.  She said, "...I was learning that parenthood is the great equalizer.  Everyone starts as a beginner and improves with time.  I have accepted that a part of me (would never be the same) but another part of me was being born.  My kids are remaking me into a stronger, more selfless woman-a woman I can be proud of."

Kind of fantastic, right?  Even if you're not a mother, I think the point of my thoughts is that each stage of our life will present us with difficulties and challenges, but that we should embrace them with determination..and even excitement.

Happy Monday, everyone!  Have the best week!
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Friday, March 22, 2013

4 steps to spring clean your closet

It's that time of year!  Here are 4 steps to Spring Clean your closet!

(Clothes AND accessories)

Do you have items in your closet that you are holding on to for one reason or another?  Get rid of it!!

*You most likely won't lose 25 pounds in the next couple of months.

*You won't magically take the itch out of that one sweater.
            I have a beautiful, green JCrew sweater in the back of my closet.  I have never worn it.  It's beautiful and it fits, but it itches like crazy.  I keep holding on to it because it's from JCrew and it's SO pretty.

*You will definitely never wear that bridesmaids dress again.

Take these things to the consignment store, give them to a charity, sell them on eBay, or sell them at your next yard sale!

The first two things can be done simultaneously.  Is there something in your closet that you love, but can't figure out how to wear it?  Or need help restyling it?

*Go to Pinterest.  So serious about this.  
     I have a really creepy white blazer in my closet.  Creepy as in I styled it so, so wrong yearssss ago. I recently fell on this pin, and thought, "ta daaaa", all my dreams have come true.  I now know how to style my white blazer again.

*Look at blogs.  
     I featured 15 ladies on Wednesday...all who have cute blogs with cute outfits...Seriously go check them out here!

*Think of a new way to wear your own clothes.
     I love what Jessica did with this pair of pants.  She took a cropped (and flared) pair of pants and transformed them into the most adorable pair of pants ever.  Such great thinking!!

(And if you can't figure out a way to wear or transform your clothes, refer to #1)

Find a way that works best for you.  Make sure to decide on a way that can actually stick with.  (You can see how I organize my closet here.) 

I like to hang all my clothes in categories.  Short sleeved shirts together, dresses together, etc.  My brain thinks in "pieces".  But I know some people who like to organize their clothes by color.  Choose what works for you!  

Also, make sure to have "mini" organizing days.  An afternoon where you straighten up after throwing everything on the floor...or a morning where you refold your t-shirts.  Something that doesn't feel overwhelming, but that will help you keep up.

I think it's great to freshen up your closet every season with a new piece.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I want a pair of mint skinnies in my closet...(like, now!)  Think of all the ways I could style those things!!  

(What is something that you'd like to add to your closet this spring?)

So now you know what I'll be doing this weekend!!

Any suggestions on other ways to Spring Clean your closet?

Happy Friday!  I hope you have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Fashion Series

Photo by Amber.  (you know I'm a minimalist when it comes to a lightweight sweater, a cozy skirt, and a pair of flats are going to carry me through spring!)

It's a challenge coming up with different outfits every day.  I want to look presentable, but want to be comfortable at the same time.  I had an idea to ask other people to help me come up with a collection of outfits that you would wear on a typical/normal day.  Out to run errands, casual day at the office, lunch with a friend, your child's soccer game...whatever it is that you do!  So here are 15 incredible ladies who are sharing some spring outfits with you.  (And I put them in categories to help you when you're searching through your own wardrobe!)

Light layers are perfect for Spring!  I am on the hunt for a cute vest, and a cute, funky cardigan can spice up an outfit in a second!

Stripes!  Every time I go into Old Navy, my eyes go straight towards the clothes with stripes on them.  Especially ones with bright colors like these ladies are wearing.

Look at these adorable patterns!  Floral, chevron, and Anchors?!  One of each please!

Mint is THE color this Spring.  Accessorize with it or make it your main piece!  I've had my eye on a pair of mint skinnies that just might have to make their way to my closet soon.

Now, you know how much I love a pair of colored pants (and skirts).  I think this is THE way to take your outfit to the next level.  

Aren't these outfits fantastic?  They all are so, so cute...but so comfy and practical!  I hope you got some inspiration to carry you through the season!

If you would like to be part of my Summer Fashion Series, please send me an email ( with the Subject Line:  Summer Series.  You don't have to send me the picture now, just an email.  You can definitely participate in the Summer Series even if you were featured in this one.  And no, you don't have to be a blogger to participate!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

North Carolina Blogger Meet Up

Angela and I are so excited to announce our first North Carolina blogger meet up.  We will be hosting one each quarter (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter), and would love for you to join us. 

Each quarter, we will have a special guest speaker, and for our Spring Session we are so excited to have Lauren, blogger at From My Grey Desk Blog, join us as our featured guest! 

Now for the specifics.  We will be meeting at a restaurant for dinner in Raleigh (specific location will be announced via email to participants) at 7pm on April 27.  We will eat and chat, Lauren will speak, and then she will open it up for questions and a discussion.  

Our topic for the evening will be "Being Inspired:  How to keep your blog fresh with new ideas."

This event is open to bloggers of all levels.  You can come if you've had your blog for 1 month or 10 years...have 1 reader or 1 million readers!  We can all grow and learn from each other.  It's also open to every type of blogger; lifestyle, fashion, craft, etc.

If you are interested in attending, please email me at with Spring Blogger Buzz as the subject.  Space is limited and we will only be able to host about 20 bloggers this go around, so please email me as soon as you can!  

Monday, March 18, 2013

Fire Truck Birthday Party

Charlie turned 3 last week, and we had the best time celebrating him at the fire station for a fire truck birthday party!  The weather was absolutely perfect (he's wearing shorts!), and we were able to spend the afternoon with wonderful friends and family.

The kids decorated their buckets (I found them at Party City, and my friend, Patty helped me with the vinyl monograms) with foam stickers, and colored their fire truck coloring pages. Then, the yummy part, ice cream with lots of toppings...(you can kinda see the ice cream bar in the second picture).  

The fire fighters were called out just as we were ready to tour the fire truck.  But before I could panic, our friend (and one of Charlie's friends' dad), offered to let the kids come see and sit inside his police car.  So awesome!  The firetrucks came back soon after, so not only did the kids get to see the truck back up in the garage, they got to sit and play inside one.  Police cars and fire trucks in the same day?!  I can't think of anything better.

Oh...and the last picture...I tried to get at least one pic with my little man, but he wasn't too happy that I took him away from his firetruck.  :)

Such a fun afternoon celebrating!  I hope you all had a great weekend as well.

You would think that as much as I love a good birthday party,  I would try to learn how to not only use my camera,  but also how to stage the party for beautiful pictures.  One day.

As many of you know, Google Reader will be shutting down soon.  I would love for you to follow me through Bloglovin, Facebook, and/or Twitter.  Thanks so much for your support!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Birthday, dear Charlie

What a difference 3 years makes.  March 14 will always be one of my favorite days.  It was the day I became a mommy, and brought this sweet, smart, handsome baby boy into the world.  I get emotional every year starting around 6pm on March 13...the hour that Noel drove me to the hospital.  

Charlie is one of the most perceptive human beings I've ever known.  He can sense the way people are feeling, and it rips at my heartstrings every time I witness it.  Last night, as we were coming home from his gymnastics class, we were talking about the gorgeous moon,  and why it was shaped the way it was, and he said "yep, and that's how Heavenly Father made it.".  That's right, my darling.

Noel and I prayed so hard for this little baby, and he is even more perfect than we ever could have dreamed he would be.

We love you, Charlie.  Happy Birthday to our darling boy!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3 ways to wear red pants

Pictures by Amber Adamson
Similar red pants here, Similar heart sweater here, Blazer here, Black Necklace here, Leopard flats here

I love, love, love colored jeans.  They can be worn in so many ways, and can be dressed up or down.  Here are a few ways that I am wearing my red pants these days.

 With a pair of heels, a classic button down, and a statement necklace.  Perfect for a fancier date night.

More casual with a heart sweater!!  Great for a day out with the babies.

With a blazer and some loafers for a dressy casual look.  I wore this outfit to a play the other week.

Do you have a pair of colored jeans?  How do you wear yours?
PS.  Make sure you enter to win this monogrammed tote bag!
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The thing about blogging

These are the kind of picture texts that I subject Kayla to on a daily basis.  Several months ago, we met through blogging, and now I consider her to be one of my closest friends.  Isn't the blogging world wonderful like that?

Kayla blogs over at My Kind of Yellow, and she is beyond fantastic.  She is prepping for her wedding in May (and just got the keys to her first married apartment!), she's a nut and does Insanity every day (and look at her killer body!), and shares a love for just about the same movies, tv shows, and treats      that I do (New Girl, yes!)

Beautiful, right?!

And today, Kayla is giving one lucky reader this monogrammed tote bag in the color of their choice!!  (You can choose the font as well.)

Beach, pool, office, park, gym....wherever you're going, you NEED this!!

Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter.

Giveaway will end this Sunday.

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