Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Favorite Things

Here are a few of my favorite things from October!

I had a really, really sad day/week earlier this month.  That morning, my friend Jennie called me just to talk...before I even knew the day was going to be sad.  She has this sixth sense when it comes to me, and always calls when I need someone.  She's also the type of friend that never asks "Let me know if you need anything".  She just does it.  She doesn't just "think" about me...she shows me that she's thinking about me.  I'm trying to be more like her.  She sent me these flowers the next day and they could not be more beautiful.  The world needs more "Jennies".  

In need of a spirit lifter, Noel and I went to see Pitch Perfect.  Oh. my. goodness.  First off, I have never laughed so hard.  Second off, I have never heard an audience laugh so hard.  Funniest movie of my life.

Celebrating Walker's birthday.  Charlie and Walker are the absolute best part of my life.  Celebrating their birthdays always brings back the sweetest memories of meeting them for the first time.  I do love this sweet little baby.

Thank goodness for Moroccan Oil.  My hair is a crazy mess, and this stuff savesssss me.  I bought the generic version from Sally's and my big crazy mess turned into a big greasy mess.  The real stuff is worth the few extra dollars.

(Yes, the manicurists always get on me about my super short nails.)  When I paint my own nails, it looks like a toddler painted them blindfolded.  When I get a manicure, I chip them on the way out the door.  Shellac nails are the way to go.  They actually last for a week and a half (miracle!) and I love this funky color I got!

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Enjoy your last day of October.  (Hope you eat lots of yummy candy tonight!)


Megan said...

What an awesome friend! I need to check out that nail polish. I'm the same way with my nails. I have to paint them slowly because I will ruin them if I paint them all at one time and have to sit there with wet nails.

Danavee said...

Shellac IS the way to go! Hand's down!

Heather said...

That picture of your and your son is amazing - so sweet!

Pearls & Paws

Marlen said...

Sunflowers are my favorite kind of flowers! They're just so happy. And I was hesitant on seeing Pitch Perfect because of all the mixed reviews, but you just restored my faith in it :)

Kayla Peveler said...

I hope your shellac lasts longer than that-- mine have lasted up to 3 weeks before! What a miracle, I'm right there with you. I am terrible at painting my own.

I linked up today, yay!!

Erin said...

I love that I'm commenting right after my sister-in-law to be ;) She and I need to go see Pitch Perfect together!

What a sweet friend. I think I might just send flowers to someone soon :)

rooth said...

You've got some terribly sweet friends - Happy Halloween!

amelia said...

You're right, everyone does need a friend like your Jennie.

And a Happy Halloween to you!

Katie said...

i'm so glad you have such a great friend!! I want to see that movie!!

Megan said...

Aw, Jennie is the type of friend everyone needs! :)

I LOVED Pitch Perfect... so hilarious. I laughed the entire time.

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

What does Moroccan Oil do? Is it like VO5 and makes your hair shiny, because if so, I am all in. I love that stuff!

Happy Halloween, Ashley! :D

Haley Wishall said...

Can you believe I STILL haven't seen Pitch Perfect?! Ugh. Kicking myself. Guess I have to wait until it comes out to Redbox now :(

And omgosh, I love shellac. I got mine done that way the day before I went to California so I'd have pretty nails for all those pretty California boys ;) Haha, totally kidding. Kinda. But anyway, they lasted the ENTIRE time (12 days) PLUS another week when I got back! Def. worth the money. I can't paint my own nails for the life of me...

Carlie said...

Great nail choice color!

I am sorry your were having a rough time a bit ago. I'm glad you have a friend that is so willing to be there though! I know it makes a huge difference. Now just tell her to make a twin that moves here for me! haha ;)

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Can we clone Jennie? Because I couldn't agree more we need more like her in the world. That was so sweet of her. The true definition of a friend. She's your angel! I have to try shellac nails. Another blogger mentioned how long they last. I definitely need that. HAHAHA A child's birthday is always truly special. I love to see their faces! Great post! Have a wonderful day :)

Helene said...

soo cute! i love the nails. and now i will have to rent pitch perfect!!

chantal marie said...

what a great friend! those flowers are absolutely beautiful!!

i love the nails! i think short, painted nails are super cute!

Denise Pacurar said...

LOVE your nail color and I saw Pitch Perfect with my sister. I total agree, it is sooo funny! One of my new favorites for sure!

<3 Denise

Anonymous said...

Moroccan oil is a gift from the gods! I love that stuff, but just ran out so my hair is a crazy curl and untamable mess.

Pitch perfect is on my to see list now!

Emmy said...

Everyone should have a good friend like that in life- how awesome. Those are beautiful flowers.

Oh I want to see Pitch Perfect now!

Lindsay said...

I need to try this moroccan oil! I can't wait until Pitch Perfect comes out on blu ray, I will definitely be adding it to my collection! Happy Halloween my dear friend!

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

I'm so sorry you had a sad day, but that is great that you have such an amazing friend!!! And I love Moroccan Oil, I don't know what I'd do without it! That nail color is awesome too - the manicurists get on me about my nails too, but I really like them very short! I'll never change :)

Happy Halloween!

Megan said...

Yay for sweet friends! Love the picture of you and Walker. Shellac is def the way to go for nails. Mine usually lasts several weeks, and if you get a french you can make it last longer because you can't really tell the color has grown out. My nails are shellac'd right now :)

Annie said...

Those flowers are gorgeous, and I love love love the color of your nail polish!

The Other Side of Gray

RoselyC said...

The flowers are beautiful. Its great to have those types of friends. I have been hearing a lot about Pitch Perfect I cant wait to go see it. I can never get my nails done properly I should definitely try Shellac nails.

Unknown said...

1. Pretty flowers 2. I've been wanting to see that movie and now I really want to! 3. Sweet picture! Happy B-day Walker! 4. Love that stuff! 5. Pretty polish color!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED Pitch Perfect!! Loved loved loved! And I've always wanted to try Moroccan Oil! I will have to now that I know it's worth it :)

Head to Toe Chic said...

What a sweet friend!!! Loving that picture of you and Walker, and I love Moroccan Oil too!


P.S. Is your phone working now?

Hailey said...

I hope your sad days got better. Those are the worst! Thinking of you!

ALL Moroccan Oil products are amazing! Their hairspray is the bomb dot com.

LOVE your nail color. I got OPI's "Over the Taupe" on my toes Sunday when I got a pedi. Terrible! The more I look at it, the more it looks like toddler poop. Seriously.

Thanks for creating this linky!

Caroline said...

absolutely loved every single item on this list!

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear you've had some sad days. Hope you're feeling better and thank goodness for amazing friends. Love the nail varnish and the photo of your sons birthday is adorable.

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

I know about this day you're referencing.. I still think about it, think about you, and love you from across the country..

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