Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Let the Holiday Season begin!!!

One of my neighbors has been working on his Christmas decorations (outside in the 100 degree heat) for the past week.

My other neighbor has a "Welcome to our Patch" sign on her front door with pumpkins surrounding it.

My neighborhood is ready.  We aren't playing around this year.  

I do have a serious issue with Halloween decorations, though.  Tombstones and lots of unnecessary spiderwebs kinda freak me out.  I have softened over the years, mainly because the boys think it's awesome that our neighbor has a huge,inflatable Halloween Scooby Doo in his yard every year.

Here are some of the things I am really digging for Halloween.

The Treats
How adorable are these witch hat cupcakes??!!!

 The Mantle Decor
Source.  Links to the Subway Art here.
A few cutie printables, some festive candlesticks, and you are SET!

The Bejewled Pumpkins
Sparkly Pumpkins?  Now THIS is something I can get in to.

Another thing that I would totally get in to if I had girls???  Halloween tutus.  If I ever have a little girl she will wear one of these tutus during the entire month of October, (and then switch to her Thanksgiving tutu, and then on to her Christmas tutu.)

Lucky for us, Meredith from Kutie Kidz is giving away a Halloween tutu to one lucky reader.  And if you win, you have a choice of orange/black or purple/black (for a "witch"..how cute!)  She will custom make it for whatever size you need.

Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter. 

The first 2 entries are mandatory and the rest are optional for more chances to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner will be announced next Monday!  And until next Tuesday (Sept 11), Meredith is offering free shipping on her Halloween tutus.  (Just mention that this post).  


Katie @ Team Skelley said...

We are definitely trying those sparkle pumpkins, my daughter will love it!

Anonymous said...

I love the tutus!!! If I had a girl I would def have a million tutus!!

Erica said...

You are getting me so excited for upcoming holidays. I love those bling-y pumpkins. So cool!

The tutus are adorable also. Wish I knew a little girl to give one to. Not sure I could get away with that look anymore... lol! ;)

Brooklyn said...

ahhhhh, can't wait for the holiday season (and for cooler weather!)

Kate said...

I love Halloween! So much fun to dress up and play pretend, but I'm still a 15 year old girl inside :)


Lisa said...

i lovee love the holidays!! getting out of the heat! being able to layer!!! and all the glitter and sparkly outfits you can muster hehe!

omgosh those witch cupcakes are SOOO adorable!!

Because Shanna Said So said...

I love to decorate more for Halloween than Christmas. Is that bad? It's just fun and a lot less time consuming! ;) Your picks are so cute...especially the mantle and bedazzled pumpkins!!

Unknown said...

Love those decorations! I'm a big fan of decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This time of year is so fun!

Love your blog!


Katie said...

I love that mantle! I'm so ready for fall!

Emily grapes said...

I'm not a big Halloween person, myself. I especially don't like the spiderwebs all over the front. All I think of every time is that actual spiders are probably taking up residence in it. haha

Those tutus are so adorable!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Emmy said...

Yea, I am definitely into the cute/fall side of Halloween over the scary side of it. And Christmas?? Wow, your one neighbor is way ahead of the game

Unknown said...

Great pics! Would you like to follow each other?

Love Nyt,
BIG hair LOUD mouth

his little lady said...

oh gosh, you are getting me SO excited for all the fun holidays! and i love these bejeweled pumpkins! what a great idea! totally doing this for the holidays!
xo TJ

Lyndsay said...

Those witch hat cupcakes are so adorable! Some of my neighbors already have Halloween/fall decorations up too. I guess summer is officially over.

chantal marie said...

omg this is precious! if i have a daughter someday, she WILL have a tutu!

Alyx said...

Christmas already!??!?!? SERIOUSLY? And do you think that tutu would fit me?
Haha, kidding. Kind of.

LEIGH said...

Oh those are some WICKED cupcakes! And I love the bejeweled pumpkins! How cool?!

Theresa Mahoney said...

I LOVE tutus! I have been on a tutu making spree lately. Mostly for my girls American Girl dolls, but I am already gearing up for Halloween costume tutus!

Since I can make my own I won't enter, but I tweeted out the giveaway for you :)

LindseyC said...

Ahhh the best time of the year! I can't wait to start decorating.... those witches are SO CUTE!

jdinflatables said...

Ahhh local plumber of the year! I can't delay to begin designing.... those wizards are SO CUTE!

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