Thursday, August 16, 2012

SYTYCD Thoughts

A night of Mia Michaels?!  Don't call me, don't interrupt me, don't even look at me.  I was way too excited for this.  

Staying in the Olympic spirit,  I've awarded certain Mia Michael's routines a bronze, a silver, and a gold.  (This is based off the original version, not last night's.)


*I loved this dance so much when it came out.  Noel kept reminding me of this.  How he remembers, I have no clue.  Probably the combo of Travis, Mia, and Celine all in one was way too much for me to handle....In the most awesome way possible.

*Loved last night's version.  The jump off the bench into the guy's arms.  The hand touching under the bench.  Loved it.


*This piece is genius.  I mean, really.  The choreography is ridiculous.  After Kayla and Kapono did it, I paused my DVR, cried on my couch, and then watched it 5 more times.  It was that dramatic for me.

*Lindsay's legs just couldn't pull this piece off.  Cole was incredible.  Really incredible, but


*My #1 dance OF. ALL. TIME.  Nothing beats this.  Sometimes I'll just randomly youtube it.

*I loveeeddd when Mia said, "too normal".   Favorite quote of all time.

*I get chills when I watch this dance...I can't even stand it.  Like spikey chills.  The music is my favorite, the transitions are gorgeous, the dancing is effortless, the costumes are simple.  The perfect recipe for a perfect dance.

*Katie and Josh did it better, but the couple last night did pretty great.

So what did you think?  I can't believe Amelia and Matt got sent home!?!?!?!



Jennifer said...

OMG!!!! I FELT THE EXACT SAME WAY. That addiction piece is just so beautiful. It gives me chills!! I think that your GOLD STAMP definitely deserved it. I think the contestants this year did better than the original players. I will say that the bench scene was great but the original contestants Travis Wall and I think Heidi set the bar WAY to high. That is the most memorable dance for me in So you think you can dance and they did it PERFECTLY. I actually loved the story behind it though. Never knew it before.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVED the top 14 dance! And your silver was my gold! But I agree with your top 3.

Emmy said...

I really need to watch this show :)

Kristin said... fellow SYTYCD Connoisseur...yes, I was quite sad about Amelia leaving. I think they should have let Lindsey go for sure. I just don't feel it from her, you know? Matt - wasn't sad about him. He's too platonic in my opinion. Loved the dances! Especially the bench dance!!! So fabulous! AND the first one w/ Cyrus and Eliana - totally made me smile! You're right, it was hard to not compare them to the originals, and if I had to, for most, I'd say that indeed the originals were better. Alas. BUT! It was still a fabulous night of dancing, and after a two week break I was REALLY needing my fix :-)

Teenage Bride said...

some of these routines literally left me speechless... I may have even shed a tear

Elle Sees said...

It is foundation. I love it.

Carla said...

Addiction was my fav. and I actually really liked Lindsay doing it. All the season 4 dances just made me miss those dancers (still my fav season thus far). And I loved the bed dance with twitchington originally, but hated it with the couple last night.

Alyx said...

okay, apparently I need to watch this show.

Sarah said...

Addiction is definitely my favorite! Did not love the hostesses dress.... said...

I missed it!!! I cannot believe I missed it!! Catching up on all my blog reading and I keep seeing how good the show was...i have seen the youtube of the dances and I like the originals better, but still :( I think I would give Gravity gold, bench silver and the father/daughter bronze. Those are my favorites!!

And yes!! Kupono and Kayal were way better!!

Veronica and Daniel said...

Hi there! Im a new follower and even thought I am a little late on this comment I just had to jump in and say I love that dance too and agree that Katee and Joshua did it better. My favorite So You THink You Can Dance routine was actually danced by Katee and Joshua - do you remember their dance to Jordan Sparks song No Air? I think of that dance every time I hear the song. SO GOOD! I love SYTYCD and can hardly wait till wednesday :)

Les said...

So I'm way behind on my blog reading but catching up. I was sad about Amelia!! Loved that show though!!

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