Friday, July 20, 2012


Here are some of my thoughts from So You Think You Can Dance this week.    

*Opening Number

 I am in love with big group numbers....and I LOVE one like this.  Incredible choreography with a stage full of incredible dancers....yes, please!  The top 20 is SO good.  I'm out of breath from excitement.

*Lindsay and Cole

Sometimes (actually most times) I'm ok with JUST fierce dancing and JUST emotions. These choreographers are killing with me always trying for a story.  This gets a boo from me.  Oh and those Keds...not sexy.

*Amelia and Will

Amelia is crazy flexible and those legs remind me of Melanie's.  I really liked this.  Will I remember it forever?  No.  But it's refreshing for a piece to not be all about sex.  Also, I feel like Amelia has stepped from from being completely translucent to just pasty white.

*Amber and Nick

I hate watching ballroom.  There...I said it.  This was actually pretty decent, though.  A little Moulin Rouge background music, pretty costumes, strong dancing....but let's be honest, it's still ballroom.

*Audrey and Matthew

Let's get real...they're the best couple.  They're so lucky to be partners and they are definitely going to get all the good dances.  He is INSANELY good and she is so cute and teeny.  This dance however...BUH.  An early 90's style song and costume.  I hated it.

*Janelle and Dareian

I love when they bring back awesome oldie songs.  I thought this was really cute.  It wasn't life changing, but it was still cute....and the judges need to calm down.  I don't understand why they never give Sonya any problems with her mess.  Just because something is weird or abstract doesn't make it better.

*Janaya and Brandon

You had me at Linda Eder.  I have loved her for forever.  This dance is probably why people shouldn't read 50 Shades.  And Cat Deely definitely said "cray cray".

*  Eliana and Cyrus

Again.....ballroom.  Eliana's legs!  and her body! and her talent!  The music sounded like I recorded it on a cassette in my car's tape player like....20 years ago.  I honestly didn't even watch this one.

*Alexa and Daniel

Does Daniel look like Sean from the Bachelorette?  Yes.  Ummm...the bathtub as a prop was super weird.  If they had added actual water and were unintentionally slipping around everywhere...THAT would have been interesting.  I was so confused because I thought I was in Pizza Villa with all that Yanni music.  Dislike.  Big time.

*Tiffany and George

This guy is SO I decided to like Fox Trot just for tonight.

*Witney and Chehon:

LOVE Bollywood costumes......and that's about it.  Well, that and the fact that Noel thinks he can do it because he served his mission in the West Indies.  (Let's just say, I'm glad Charlie has my rhythm.)

Well...that's that.  What did you think of everything?  Are you shocked that no one likes Alexa?  I thought she was going all the way!


Danielle said...

Yay, I'm so glad that someone else watches SYTYCD!

I want to be a dancer so badly...unfortunately not because I want to dance (which I LOVE to do) but because I would love to have any of these dancers bodies. LOL!

Bollywood was one of my favs but I am a fan of most things Indian, I married an Indian man. :)

Have a great weekend!

Carla said...

Loved janelle and darian because it was actually fun. Sonya is weird and the judges are on crack. I also usually hate the ballroom dances too, unless I really love one of the dancers. Yay for Sytycd!

Megan said...

Ok, so SYTYCD is my favorite show and we don't have cable so I can never watch it! I usually have to watch it online and hear about it from my friends. Thanks for posting these, I loved getting a little dose of it :)

Unknown said...

I would love this show if it werent for that one lady judge!

Sierra Penrod said...

First off, thanks! I don't have cable either and hulu has some weird contracts, so I just watched the whole show on your blog haha.

I agree with you on most counts. These early weeks can be somewhat disappointing. I actually really liked the oldie hip hop a lot too. None of the other ones really floated my boat.

... I usually hate Sonya. And I still do.

Lindsay said...

I am a HUGE fan of the show. Awesome recap. Thanks for sharing!

Style-Delights said...

So Much fun!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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Grace Wainwright said...

I have a minor obsession with this show, but I only get to watch it if I'm not busy! Good thing for your recap :)

Have a great weekend!

A Southern Drawl

Megan said...

So, I watch this show occassionally when I remember. I don't know what week it was or who it was, but I loved the Titanic inspired dance and I think they did it to "Unchained Melody." It was a beautiful dance. Plus I love anything related to the Titanic. :) I should watch this more because I love watching dancing.

Alyx said...

I've never watched this show, but that opening number was awesome!!

Alyx said...

I just have to add... what was with the dentist thing? Not a fan.

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

This was such a fun episode. I actually adore the opening numbers/group dance. They are a lot of fun to watch! I especially enjoyed last week's opening number!

Amy Shaughnessy said...

Can you believe that I don't watch this show? I tried a couple of times but could never get into it. The talent out there is amazing but sometimes I can't get past the booty shorts and super contemporary style. I'm a leotard, classic jazz kind of gal...


Alexis said...

I can only watch SYTYCD on Hulu so I don't get to see all the episodes at the same time others get to. I just got done watching the Vegas round! But I am glad to see that Alexa made it to the top 20. I was so frustrated that no one liked her! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Les said...

I totally agree...some of the choreographers are trying too hard to make a story line come together when an amazing dance set to a great song would do the trick.

I think I'm really liking Amelia and Will, right now, that is. I also think Dareian is super! Yay!!

Danielle said...

Love this!! I need to watch these!!

Anonymous said...

k i LOVE SYTYCD. and yes I'm shocked that no one likes alexa. I LOVED her! I cannot believe she is already gone.

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