Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Favorite Things

Here are some of my favorite things from the month of July!

1.  Polka dot pants

I've been saying how much I love these! 

2.  My Tumbler

You all already know how amazingly talented my friend Jennie is.  I was so excited when she surprised me with this suppperrrr cute cup!!  You should go like her FB page and get yourself a tumbler!!

3.  This picture

Melts my heart.  Charlie always says "we're just relaxing" when he sits in his little chair.

4.  Primer

Honestly, this is one of the only "products" that I've ever LOVED.....this and my Cetaphil skin products.  I have naturally red skin, and I can't even begin tell you how well this primer works.  Love it!

5.  Youth Conference

I talked about it the other day....Youth Conference was kinda hard on the ol' body.  My sister, Jessica came for the first 2 days to help me take care of the boys.  I don't know what I would have done without her. The boys LOVED dancing and watching the "kids" as Charlie called them rehearse for the show they were putting on.  My sister, Sarah (in the picture above) came the last day to sit in on rehearsals with me.  It's taken me a good few nights to recover, but it was so worth all the hard work.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

A Few Things....

  • My body hurts.  I'm choreographing a musical for Youth Conference and I was standing for 8 hours straight yesterday.   And I'll do the same today....and on Saturday.  But it's fun and the kids are doing a great job.  
  • My celeb crush, Elizabeth Banks, held a live chat the other night.  Her fans could tweet in questions annnndddddd she answered my question.  That's right.  I'm famous.  I asked her if she had any daily blog reads.  She said she didn't, but that she really enjoyed decorating themed blogs.
  • KStew.  Really?  Really?! 
  • Next Tuesday the 31st (the last week day of July),  I will be hosting my Favorite Things linkup.  I would love for you to join with me on the fun!  For examples you can look here or here.  Just grab a button over there on my sidebar and you're all set!

Have a great weekend, my friends!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our world has just been rocked

Walker boy is officially mobile.  And he just happens to be the cutest little crawler in the whole wide world!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Getting Hitched

My cousin Ivy, Michelle the bride, my cousin Amy, and me

I do love a wedding.  When I get a wedding invitation in the mail, I clear my schedule to sit down on the couch, open the envelope very carefully, and read over it multiple times.  I am not even slightly joking.  My cousin, Mark is getting married in a few weeks (and his wedding invite got the stamp of approval...it was gorgeous). I went to the most beautiful shower honoring his fiancĂ© they past weekend.  And YES...I can get tan, even though I look translucent compared to my cousins (insert the black and white filter)... I've just been out in the sun maybe twice this entire summer.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012


Here are some of my thoughts from So You Think You Can Dance this week.    

*Opening Number

 I am in love with big group numbers....and I LOVE one like this.  Incredible choreography with a stage full of incredible dancers....yes, please!  The top 20 is SO good.  I'm out of breath from excitement.

*Lindsay and Cole

Sometimes (actually most times) I'm ok with JUST fierce dancing and JUST emotions. These choreographers are killing with me always trying for a story.  This gets a boo from me.  Oh and those Keds...not sexy.

*Amelia and Will

Amelia is crazy flexible and those legs remind me of Melanie's.  I really liked this.  Will I remember it forever?  No.  But it's refreshing for a piece to not be all about sex.  Also, I feel like Amelia has stepped from from being completely translucent to just pasty white.

*Amber and Nick

I hate watching ballroom.  There...I said it.  This was actually pretty decent, though.  A little Moulin Rouge background music, pretty costumes, strong dancing....but let's be honest, it's still ballroom.

*Audrey and Matthew

Let's get real...they're the best couple.  They're so lucky to be partners and they are definitely going to get all the good dances.  He is INSANELY good and she is so cute and teeny.  This dance however...BUH.  An early 90's style song and costume.  I hated it.

*Janelle and Dareian

I love when they bring back awesome oldie songs.  I thought this was really cute.  It wasn't life changing, but it was still cute....and the judges need to calm down.  I don't understand why they never give Sonya any problems with her mess.  Just because something is weird or abstract doesn't make it better.

*Janaya and Brandon

You had me at Linda Eder.  I have loved her for forever.  This dance is probably why people shouldn't read 50 Shades.  And Cat Deely definitely said "cray cray".

*  Eliana and Cyrus

Again.....ballroom.  Eliana's legs!  and her body! and her talent!  The music sounded like I recorded it on a cassette in my car's tape player like....20 years ago.  I honestly didn't even watch this one.

*Alexa and Daniel

Does Daniel look like Sean from the Bachelorette?  Yes.  Ummm...the bathtub as a prop was super weird.  If they had added actual water and were unintentionally slipping around everywhere...THAT would have been interesting.  I was so confused because I thought I was in Pizza Villa with all that Yanni music.  Dislike.  Big time.

*Tiffany and George

This guy is SO good....so I decided to like Fox Trot just for tonight.

*Witney and Chehon:

LOVE Bollywood costumes......and that's about it.  Well, that and the fact that Noel thinks he can do it because he served his mission in the West Indies.  (Let's just say, I'm glad Charlie has my rhythm.)

Well...that's that.  What did you think of everything?  Are you shocked that no one likes Alexa?  I thought she was going all the way!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

10 Links Just For You

(I love a freshly bathed baby)

Here are some links I think you'll be glad you clicked on!

1.  First off, I'm giving away some gorgeous Bevello earrings on Jenna's blog today.  Go register to win! 

2.  I really love the idea of these dining room chairs.  One day I'll make this happen!

3.  And staying on topic of dream homes, this needs to happen for me.  Can you imagine?  A folding table and a tv?  I would actually look forward to doing laundry.

4.  I saw Newsies when I was in NYC, and about dropped dead on the floor when they sang this. (Fast forward to 48 seconds).  

5.  I will see her in Vegas.  This trip needs to be planned.  Immediately.

6.  Really cute list of date nights.  Don't know how Noel will feel about "spa night" but most are really good ones.

7.  Noel thinks they look crazy, but I do love me some polka dot pants.  And while I'm at it, I'd like those 6 ft long legs too.

8.  If we can think about this quote more often, we'd be a lot better off.

9.  Most hilarious cartoon about kids.  I've been laughing over this for months since I saw it on Anna's blog.

10.  And lastly, if you have a blog, a shop, or a business you would like to promote for a low price, look here, and contact me for more information.  I would love to work with you!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kids these days....

My sister just got back from UNCSA and she's already been tagged in a ton of pictures and "I miss you" posts on Facebook.  Seeing this made me think of my days at the School of the Arts.  No one had a cell phone, no one had Facebook....when we all went home, we had to write each other.....letters. When we liked a boy, we had to desperately pray that he would somehow, magically show up in the dance building during an especially skinny, on-my-A-game day.  There was something nice about being able to go home and....I'm not sure exactly how to put it but.....just remember the good times that were had.  I enjoy keeping up with friends through FB now, but I love that I was able to grow up in a non social media world.  

{And now I will publish this post on Blogger and share it on FB and on Twitter}


Friday, July 13, 2012


Yesterday, at the park, Charlie turned to the little boy playing beside him and said something I hope I never forget.  He got the boy's attention, pointed to me, and said "That's my mommy."  I'm telling you right now.....I had to fight back tears.  I'm sure I will be the source of many of his embarrassing moments....making him and his brother wear matching outfits, being "that" mom that peaks inside his kindergarten classroom every 5 minutes (for the entire year), and somehow making an appearance in every single one of his wedding photos....but for now my Charlie is proud that I am his mommy.  And I am so in love with him.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chunky Accessories

Don't you just love my little red accessory?  I love his adorable face in this picture.  I've decided that I like my accessories to be chunky.  And besides my little Walker boy, I've found some chunky accessories that I am loving.

Necklace:  I actually have this necklace in mint, but am so loving it in white.  Oh, and the necklace is $20 less expensive at Cousin Couture than any other place around.

Bracelets:  Fun colored bangles?  Monogrammed?  I feel like I should just end this post with a billion exclamation points.

Earrings:  These earrings are so, incredibly stunning.  They are perfect for making a neutral colored outfit pop!

What are your favorite summer accessories?


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bachelorette Thoughts

So, what are we thinking people??  Is Emily going to choose Jef or Arie?

Here are some thoughts I had last night about each of them....


*I used to think she was absolute perfection (in looks) until I saw all the work she had done.  Have you seen her high school picture?  You can learn a lot in the Dollar General check out line.

*  Emily is always squinting.  Ever notice that?  Home girl needs of pair of sunglasses.

*I've hated a lot of her rose ceremony dresses.  {Oh no she did not with this one.}  But her shirt/skirt combo last night was spot on.  Loved it.


*Because of all Emily's plastic surgery, she looks sooo much older than Jef.

*I'm about 98% sure Jef's parents do not want to meet Emily.  In South Carolina.  On their mission.

*When Emily dumps Jef, I want him to take my sister out.

*His hair has definitely calmed down over these past few episodes.  Shay???  It's calming down!

*Jef(!!!) I've been asking the same question...."Why exactly is Emily still single?"  Thank you!

*If she doesn't choose Jef, (which I don't think she will), she is NUTS....like send her to the crazy home nuts.

*Why do guys think Jef is gay.  Where is this coming from?  I have not once had that thought.


*I've been Team Arie for a while now, but he seems to be getting more weasel like as the show progresses.

*Arie and Emily's relationship is pure physical.  There was a make out sesh within the first minute of them seeing each other.

*Arie's face at dinner was super greasy shiny...(as it should have been)....and Emily's was perfectly powdered.  I was too distracted by this detail to even focus on what they were talking about.  (I'm sure I didn't miss much)


I like Jef better than Arie, but I think Emily and Arie make a better couple.  I think she's choosing Arie...leaving Jef all heartbroken in the distance.  



Monday, July 9, 2012

11 things you should know before having a baby

I was reading Courtney's post about baby advice on Friday, and was gearing up to write her a 400 page comment, when I realized I should just calm down and write a 400 page blog post on it instead.

So here goes.

Here is a list of fantastic advice I have received and things I WISH I had known before Charlie was born.

{Of course, these are only my opinion and are things that have worked for my boys.  Every child and situation is different!}


1.  Swaddling blankets:  You know those hideous blankets the hospital gives you?  Yes, grab as many of those as you can.  With Charlie I only took one home because I thought they were terrible looking, but soon realized they were the PERFECT size and weight to swaddle a newborn.  Walker still uses his.  Every time the nurse comes in your room, ask her for a few of them.  And then get your husband to stuff them in your bag.

2.  Nursing:  If you decide to nurse, do NOT let those witch ladies lactation consultants force you into football hold or the crossover position.  (I would add image links.....but you can look them up yourself).  I didn't know any better, and had my big/long baby at home in the football hold.  It was insane and I literally got carpal tunnel from doing it.  INSANE.  Tell those crazy ladies to teach you cradle hold.

3.  Keep your baby in the room with you:  Biggest difference from Charlie to Walker.  I was given the advice to send your baby to the nursery at night so I could get some sleep.  It makes sense, but when I took Charlie home, my little frat boy baby had his days and nights confused.  When he was in the hospital nursery at night, all he saw and heard were fluorescent lights and other babies crying.  He thought night time was party time.  With Walker, I kept him in the room with me at night.  It was quiet and dark and he was sleeping like a champ when I brought him home.  

4.  Ask questions.  Don't be afraid to ask the nurse/doctor everything that's on your mind.  No question is too small or trivial.  They do this all the time, so they might forget to cover something.  Ask them and ask them again.  It's totally ok.


5.  Establish a routine IMMEDIATELY:  Babies thrive off schedules.  A nighttime routine is most important to me, so as soon as I get my baby home, I start night time off with a bath, lotion and loving, feeding, crib.  

6.  The CRIB:  My mom was visiting when I first brought Charlie home from the hospital.  I was telling her that he didn't sleep well the first night in the bassinet and she asked me why I wasn't putting him in his crib.  I thought about it and really couldn't think of an answer.  Putting the boys in their crib from night 1 was one of the best things I ever did.  Of course I pulled the guest room mattress in the baby's room for the first week so I could hear him breathe, but after that, I was good and so were they.  

7.  Humidifier:  Get one for your baby's room.  A cool-mist humidifier that makes noise is the best way to go!  The machine will help keep your baby healthy and the noise will help them sleep.


8.  THE book.  If you only get one thing from this post, get this.  Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child is the ultimate life saver.  Charlie was sleeping through the night (7pm to 7am) by 3 months, (Walker by 4 months), because of this book.  It teaches you how to teach your children to sleep, and it's fantastic.

9.  Baby Seat:  You will need somewhere to put your baby when you're taking a shower, doing dishes, or if you just want to take a nap on the floor right beside them.  We have this one.  And it's perfect.

10.  Bumbo:  When those little people can actually sit up, a Bumbo is IT.   

And last, but certainly not least (probably the MOST important)...

11.  Trust yourself:  You are this baby's mother and a mother's intuition is powerful.  I remember talking to another mom when Charlie was a few weeks old.  I was asking her some questions and trusted her opinion because she had been a mom for a lot longer than I had been.  Something about her advice didn't sit right with me, but I took it anyways and Charlie was up all. night. long.  I knew it wasn't right for Charlie (even though the "trick" worked totally fine for her kid) but went against my feeling anyway.  I never did that again.  Another story... a few months ago Walker had this terrible drool induced rash under his triple chin.  The doctor kept saying to put vaseline on it and that it would go away eventually.  Vaseline just wasn't helping...in fact, I'm pretty sure it was making it worse.  One day, I had the thought to put hydrocortisone cream on it.  The next day it was completely clear.  So, moral of the story.....I should become a pediatrician....jk.....really the moral of the story is that you need to trust yourself as a mother!

These are just a few things that have been really important to me.  Do you have anything to add? or any questions about anything?

Also, the winner of the Chevron Letter giveaway is Hailey!  Woohoo!  Congrats, girl!  I'll send you an email soon.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Letters

Me and my boys on the 4th

Dear Serious Mood, you and this devil weather need to get the heck away from me.  Dear She's the Man, you definitely helped lighten that mood and always make me laugh hysterically. "Thanks bro".  Dear Beach Vacation,  you were a blast, but I am seriously exhausted...as in full on narcoleptic during the drive home.  (Yes, Noel was driving.)  Dear Sister, I miss you while you're at the School of the Arts.  Dear Sister in Law,  yay (!!!) for getting engaged.  So proud and excited for you.  Dear $18 JCrew Skirt, I am giddy from finding you.  Dear Charlie and Walker, my loves.  I thank Heavenly Father everyday for you two.

Happy Friday, friends!



Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July

We're celebrating the birth of this country we love at the beach with family and friends.  Lots of fun, LOTS of food, and lots of laughter.  Happy 4th of July, everyone!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Chevron Letter Giveaway!

Happy July everyone!!

I'm so excited about today's giveaway.  (You know I love a good monogram)

Today, Ellie from A Felt Affair is giving one lucky reader a chevron letter of their choice.

Aren't these great??

And here are the color options.

To win:

(Make sure to leave a separate comment for each thing you do...more entries=better chance of winning!)


1.  Be a follower of Dancing With Ashley through Google Friend Connect (just click "join this site" on the right side of my blog) OR "Like" Dancing With Ashley on Facebook here.  (You can leave 2 comments if you do both)

2.  "Like" A Felt Affair on Facebook here.  

3.  Leave a comment either on my blog or on FB telling me which letter and color you would like.

For more chances to win:


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Now's your chance!!  Giveaway will be open until next Sunday, June 8.

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