Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Summer Day...

I started the other day off by cleaning out my "notes" drawer.  I am definitely a note and letter hoarder.  Do you see this incredible love note that my life long crush, Timour, sent me.  (Ok, maybe it wasn't a love letter......but it totally was.)  I danced in one of his pieces YEARS ago.

I then took the boys to a Movement/Song Class.  The theme was Camping and it was so much fun.  (That's the way to do camping...40 minutes of singing in an air-conditioned room.)  

And later that evening we had dinner with my friend, Anna and her sweetie, Hudson.  After dinner, it was confirmed that I have lost my mind when I saw that I had left my van door wide open during dinner.  Either Cameron Village should be awarded for the safest spot in Raleigh, or no one wanted a few pool floaties and some smooshed up granola bars.  After dinner we went to see the dads play in a kickball game...(never thought I would say that!)

Yay for summer!!



Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

Hi, my name is Shay and I am hoarder of letters and cards and all things inked out.

Lindsay said...

40 minutes in an air conditioned room is my idea of camping too!

Baze Days said...

So cute. Leaving your door open has made me laugh for 2 days. Should we tell people our husbands play kickball?!?! It's kind of embarrasing :)

Liz said...

I have a huge collection of letters and all things special to my heart. I save them in a binder! LOL

Cortney said...

Oh man!! I am SO glad i'm not the only note hoarder out there.

Unknown said...

Haha Im the same way I keep notes. cards everything! When my husband was in the police academy he wrote me like 2 letters a week for 4 months and I still have every single one!lol Love this post so fun to read!

Giovanna said...

Love it! I'm a letter hoarder as well.. I have a small trunk full of old bday cards etc! lol


dreaming en francais said...

I totally hoard old notes and cards too! I'm always meaning to clean that stuff out but can never bring myself to throw any away! xo

Katie Blacker said...

I second that... Hooray for summer!

thanks for your comment on my blog. I talk about our infertility a bit in this post: ...if you are interested.

I love to dance too!

his little lady said...

oh gosh, i am right there with you, girl! i don't like getting rid of notes. i always think they have sentimental value, but you just gotta do it!
xo TJ

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I totally would have taken those smooshed up granola bars.

Because Shanna Said So said...

What a fun family day!! Love that the dads played a kickball game!! Totally made me smile!!! And yes, yeah for Summer! I took my oldest bowling today! ;)

Samantha said...

I can't get rid of letters or cards either!

Looks like a fun day :)

I love Summer!

Kristin said...

such cute pictures! :)

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Alexa said...

Frankly I think all parents lose their minds at some point. You're not alone. :)

alicia said...

I am also a serious note, letter, card hoarder too! :)

brooke elyse said...

haha I am a note/letter hoarder too!!!
darling blog you have- thanks for your sweet comment over at mine. I'm a new follower of yours!


Emmy said...

I totally like your idea of camping- sounds perfect!

PolkaDottyPlace said...

I LOVE that you have an ENTIRE note drawer. I'm a sucker for anything handwritten and can't possible throw notes/letters out. Glad I'm not the only one!

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