Tuesday, April 17, 2012

His Pick/Her Pick

Noel and I are polar opposites when it comes to our movie preferences.

West Side Story beside a Michael Jordan documentary. Enchanted beside Batman Begins.

He refused to see The Help with me. I absolutely refuse to see the Bob Marley documentary with him.

We each got a movie pick this past weekend. One that neither of us had seen before. And the other couldn't veto the decision. Here are 3 likes and dislikes from each movie. Mine are in pink, his are in blue.


When I tell you this movie is horrible, please, PLEASE trust me. I rolled my eyes 400 times and was looking around for the nearest ice pick.


1. Jennifer Lawrence was in it. (What's up Katniss!!!) She was adorable and the only likable character in the entire movie.

2. Background music seemed to be beautiful. (I was in desperate need of a "like" and heard a few pretty notes.)

3. It was properly demonstrated that when you make poor decision after poor decision you. will. be. sad.

1. I really liked how every significant part of this movie was shown in the trailer. I could turn my brain completely off for 90 minutes while watching it. I was basically sleeping with my eyes open.

2. Still trying to think of anything that I even remotely enjoyed about this movie. I liked that it was so predictable that I could call every event ten minutes before it happened. I like doing this during really bad movies that Ashley wants to like. It makes her really mad that I can predict what is going to happen.

3. I loved that this movie turned out to be so bad. Ashley did her pick first. It made it so easy on me. I could pick virtually any movie for my pick and it would have been the better of the two, well unless I had picked Real Steel.


1. So boring. What happened? Nothing. Everyone was staring at each other the entire time.

2. I didn't root for the main characters. I hate that type of movie. ANNNDDD they weren't attractive. Why did I want to see this???? The main guy was a furniture designer and kept designing the most uncomfortable office chairs. Stop! I hate your character.

3. I'm trying to think of something specific instead of "I hated everything." The movie gave no closure. I deserve closure for sitting through that mess.

1. Where do I begin? This movie was awful. The number one reason it was awful was the fact that it's a love story and the girl is not even hot. Like really how could this guy be so torn up over a girl that's not even a 5/10. I know that sounds really shallow (guess what, it is), but hey, Ashley wanted a guy's perspective right?

2. There were too many random shots of people's feet in this movie. I'm not Rex Ryan (if you don't get it, don't worry, it's a sports joke). I do not want to see people's feet all day long. They specifically showed the main girl's feet like at least 8-9 times in this film and her feet weren't even nice. She had a weird red blister just below her ankle. That's gross.

3. The plot, the actors, the directing, the music, the pace, the everything. I hated this movie more than any other movie I can remember seeing. Again, I haven't seen Real Steel yet so this could possibly change.


I seriously asked Noel what the name of this movie was 8 times while we were watching it. I also ask a million questions during movies like this, which makes me a very annoying movie companion.


1. Lots of twists. Always makes for a good film.

2. They revealed the bad guy in the beginning. Somehow made it more intense.

3. There was a baby Walker's age in it. Made me want to get some baby sugar!

1. This movie had plenty of action and suspense and paced appropriately that it kept you engaged throughout the entire 96 minutes.

2. Really good plot twist at the end that I didn't expect coming.

3. It's always nice to see someone from "That 70's Show" other than Ashton Kutcher getting some shine. Way to go Topher.


1. The ending left me hanging just like the 1st movie. (Not quite as bad, though). Didn't they get my memo that all movies are supposed to end happily with a wedding?

2. I had to keep turning the volume up and down because of sleeping babies upstairs.

3. It made me nervous. I only want to get nervous over whether the leading lady is going to pick guy A or guy B in a movie. People sneaking up behind each other scares the mess out of me.

1. The acting is pretty terrible. There are multiple scenes where they say super cliche spy-movie-type lines and it's emphasized by the music and everything. It's almost like they were joking on themselves.

2. The opening scene is super dramatic and intense but only loosely ties into the rest of the plot. That frustrated me a little bit because I was too focused on that for the rest of the movie.

3. Richard Gere beating up anyone is hilarious and I could not take him seriously at all.

The Winner?? His Pick. (As much as I hate to admit that)

Have you seen either of these movies?


Lindsay said...

This is such a cute idea. I haven't seen either of these movies, never even heard of them, and I definitely don't plan on seeing them after you guys reviews. :)

Shannon said...

Well, I definitely won't see Like Crazy. I did see The Double, but I fell asleep half way through and apparently missed the plot twist. And what's up with bashing Real Steel? I just have to say it is a surprisingly really good movie that both my hubby and I like - and it's Hugh Jackman! :)

Callie {FirstComesLove} said...

That is great to know! I love Jennifer Lawrence and Anton Yelchin has been really good in other movies (Charlie Bartlett was High-larious). Glad to know to steer clear of this one!

Emmy said...

I have not seen the first one as after watching the trailer I thought it looked awful :) hehe. Did see the second one and liked it- twist totally got me and movies don't usually surprise me I can Always figure them out. Fun post

Megan said...

Great idea! Judging by your first picture...we have the same tastes in movies :) this makes me want to rent a movie...we haven't done that in a while

Jess said...

haha what a great idea! though if I did that i'd probably get stuck watching some weird anime or kung fu movie! Glad for the reviews though, happy to avoid both of those now :)

Baze Days said...

OMG, Ashley. You crack me up saying you were looking for the nearest ice pick. Ha!!!! This is the reason Jonathan and I do not watch movies together.

Megan said...

My fiance and I usually can agree on movies, and every once in a while he'll let me have a chick flick and I'll watch some super boring documentary that he wants to.

I will make sure to NEVER watch that first movie, sounds terrible!

Mo (New on U) said...

I haven't seen either, but this cracked me up: "It was properly demonstrated that when you make poor decision after poor decision you. will. be. sad."

Haha. Seems like I'll be passing on this one!

LEIGH said...

I haven't seen either of these movies, but I love you two's approach to enjoying the other's movie... Kevin and I have opposite tastes too... but somehow we always find tv shows we like to watch together... Every once in a while I will force him to the theaters to see a romantic comedy, but he has to accept that since I kind of like seeing his action movies and we go to the theaters to see way more of them!!!

Kell said...

I've heard Like Crazy is so terrible.. I'm glad I never went to see it! Oh and "Whats up Katniss!" killed me with laughter. I'm obviously easy to please.

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