Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dream Home

I decided it was necessary to go ahead and plan my dream home.

And with the help of my friend, Pinterest, this became a reality.  (The planning, that is)

Here are a few things that are a MUST in this fantasy home of mine.

1.  A Gigantic Kitchen Island:

This is, oddly enough, probably my biggest priority.  I have found that you can have the biggest house in the world, full of playrooms, tv rooms, living rooms, but everyone always seems to gather in the kitchen.  For this reason, I want a huge space to sit babies on and for everyone else to gather around.

3.  Color and Style:

Noel and I used to love driving through neighborhoods and pointing out our favorite houses.  My eyes are always drawn to white houses with black shutters.  I have to have this one day!!!!  Also, I love a ranch style home.  One story homes are super hard to come by, but I love the idea of not having to worry about anyone falling down the stairs.  (Or having to cart laundry up and down stairs...maybe I should have added "laundry chute" to this list.)

3.  A Wrap Around Porch:

Is it even possible to have a wrap around porch on a ranch style house??  In my mind, yes!  

4.  A Sun Porch:

I do love a porch.  I want this desperately, especially on rainy, summer days.  Perfect spot to let the  little misters roam around to get fresh air but out of the rain.

5.  A Back Yard Sitting Area:

I have in my mind that my boys will want to live in a "I can see them out my kitchen window" distance from me.  Taking this into consideration, I want a really nice place to hang out outside.  The picture on the left can even double as a sun porch.  I'll take it!

6.  An Awesome Playroom

A place to keep toys, books, and crafts for now, and a place where "I can workout in" later.  And then a toy place after that.

7.  A Quiet Room

I want a light colored room that forbids all forms of technology.  A room where you can read, study, or snooze.  It really is amazing how you can receive so much inspiration from just being quiet and having no distractions around.

8.  The Ultimate Closet:

I actually really like my closet in our current home, but I'm talking about A CLOSET.  One that you can browse in, take a field trip to, be featured on MTV cribs for.  (Does that even still exist?)

One can dream, right??!  If I had to pick only 2 things from my list, I would choose the island and the quiet room.

What's on your "Dream Home" requirement list?


Cortney said...

My biggest priority in our next house is a big island too! They are so great. Love all your must haves!

Katie said...

I love your quiet room idea!

Callie {FirstComesLove} said...

This post was hard to stomach as I am about to move into an apartment next month lol. I am insanely excited about that but right now I am working on how to maximize space in a downtown apartment. I definitely did a big *sigh* when looking at all these beautiful house pics!

Lindsay said...

I so want a wrap around porch! And a quiet room. I want a room to read in that is specifically mine! That would probably never happen, but a girl can dream right?

Emmy said...

I have a quiet room- my living room, the one I recently redid- for me though it is more of a place that is always clean in case someone drops by. And yes a kitchen is the first thing I look at when looking for a home.

Megan said...

Love your dream home! I also dream of a wrap around porch and a sun porch. In my dreams, I sit outside a reality...not so much. But I like the idea of it and I do it more now that I live in NC instead of Alabama.

jes @ twosmuppies said...

i have at least 15 dream homes and 3 different weddings planned out on pinterest. it's a disease.
xx jes,

Alexa said...

I'm with you on the kitchen! Such a priority. So funny about the porch. You're always welcome over here! :)

Kell said...

Oh I do this all the time! If my 'dream home' board became a reality my home would be such a mish-mash of awesome things. Libraries and reading nooks, wraparound porches and rooms with really big fluffy beds.

Megan said...

Can I move in with you? ;) Love the kitchen!

Andrea D said...

If you get your beautiful dream home, I'm coming to visit (and bringing ice cream to celebrate!).

P.S. I gave you a Liebster award today on my blog, because you're so cool! :)

Nnenna said...

My dream home would also have an amazing closet! I think that might be my #1. But also lots of light and airyness :)

Kevin Noel said...

Brilliant choices! You have a very good sense of taste, Ashley. A house would look really lovely with all of these in it. Your dream home will be a big one, if ever. If this dream comes true, I’m sure your whole family will be blissful.

Kevin Noel

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