Tuesday, March 6, 2012

American Idol Pick

Joshua Ledet

He is, hands down, the best contestant on Idol this year.

Usually the guys have the competition in the bag, but this year they are seriously terrible...except for Joshua.

The girls are actually pretty decent, but no one really sticks out. And no one is as good as Joshua.

Here is his performance from last week.


His version of Jar of Hearts is what made me fall in love with his voice.

If he doesn't win, something is very wrong.

Either way, he totally rocks.

Can't wait to hear him this week!


LEIGH said...

Love that song!

Alexa said...

Amazing voice! Just incredible.

Megan said...

I can't watch American Idol because I don't have cable :( But he has an amazing voice!

Emmy said...

I agree I love his voice but he kind of bugs me- not sure why. I actually predict a girl might win this year, not sure who--but yea most of the guys are just meh

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