Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Something to Think About~

I came across this quote while reading my Parenting magazine. The article was about how to raise a genius, and since my boys are already geniuses (!), I focused more on this particular quote.

Are you doing something you love to do everyday? I hope so.

While we're on the topic of love.....check out this little cutie.

(Excuse my hyper, baby talk, morning voice)

The end of January marks 1 year of me being a stay at home mommy.

And I can honestly say I love it.

I'm a very scheduled person, (no! who would have thought?), and was so used to a bell to bell life (as a high school teacher). Because of this, it took me a minute to figure out how to be a good SAHM.

Just like with school, I think that if you are prepared with a plan for your kids everyday, your day will be much more enjoyable and you will get more done.

So, I use my Lesson Plan book from school to plan my days....

Sometimes I fill it out the week before, sometimes the day before, but either way it's done before the day begins.

I always have a Plan A, but if things change and we have to go to Plan B I'm fine with that!

Doing this allows me to find fun things to do with my boys and helps me get excited for the day ahead.

So, when I saw the quote from Steve Jobs, I felt great that I can honestly say that there is nothing else I would rather be doing that what I am currently doing!

And this whole "spring weather in the middle of winter" thing is really making everything that much more enjoyable!~


snussman said...

I am in love with your boys. Absolutely in love! You have the best job in the world!

Emmy said...

Oh first, that video- so so cute!! Love baby smiles.

And yes, things really do go so much easier and better if there is a plan. Plus I am learning that if I have things written down and noted then I don't have to be worrying and thinking- now what was I going to do next? And I can be present in the moment with my kids more

Ashley said...

Sara, they are in love with YOU!! I agree about having the best job in the world :-)

Emmy, I agree about being present in the moment with your kids...It definitely helps!~

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