Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Favorite Things

Noel and I put together a list of our favorite things for February.


1. My "Walker" ring

Noel thought he was being super sneaky when he bought me this ring, until the Etsy seller sent me a message about it. Whoops! Either way, I have been wanting a Walker ring to go with my Charlie ring. I love wearing these every day.

2. Charlie's V-Day School Treats

I found these super sweet treat bag toppers from this website and thought they turned out really cute.

3. Everything Goes: On Land

You know everything I'm about to say by just looking at the cover of this book. If there ever was a perfect book for a little boy, THIS is it. Every page is filled with cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles. It's almost a Where's Waldo? style book, but with things that MOVE!!

4. Bath & Body Works' Bali Mango Lotion

I am an Original Scent Jergens Lotion type girl. Charlie, Walker, and I all have very sensitive skin, so I have to be careful with lotions and perfumes. So when my brother gave me this lotion for my birthday, I was skeptical. I'm glad I tried it though, because it's pretty much amazing. It's light enough for my crazy sensitive skin, but has the most delicious smell.

5. Laughing Cow Cheese

Yes, I put cheese on my list. If you haven't tried this, you need to. Charlie and I look forward to our afternoon snack for this very reason.


1. Nike Lunar Eclipse 2+

For Christmas, Ashley's parents got me a Foot Locker gift card which is awesome because I have a serious addiction to Nike shoes. I used the gift card to get these. I've always been a big Air Max guy but the past two pairs of Nikes I've gotten have had the Lunar cushioning. It is so comfortable and so lightweight. Highly recommended for your next running shoe or if you're like me and you like rocking high-performance running shoes as your everyday kicks.

2. 2013 Acura NSX

If you watched the Super Bowl, you probably saw the commercial for the new Acura NSX. The original was one of my favorite cars as a kid and was always my pick when I played Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit on the Play Station 2. The new 2013 redesign does not disappoint.

3. Cris Cab-Echo Boom

I've been listening to this free mixtape a lot lately. Cris Cab is a 19-year old Miami kid with an awesome reggae-pop sound. There are tracks on this album with Wyclef, Pharrell Williams, and Shaggy. A good listen.

4. Kevin Durant

Over the past two years, Kevin Durant has cemented his spot as my favorite athlete. He is one of the best players in the NBA and recently won the 2012 NBA All-Star Game MVP. He is not only an incredible player and scorer (see the highlights from his 51-point outburst vs. the Nuggets from earlier this month below), but he's an awesome teammate too. After a huge game, he was asked about how he thought his play impacted the team, and he immediately said, well I think (my teammate) James Harden was the key to our victory tonight. He has also worked into his contract with Nike that his signature shoes should be sold for less than $100 so that kids that grow up in his old neighborhood in Prince George's County, MD can afford them. Stand up dude and straight baller!

5. Grantland

My current favorite website is Grantland. It is a Sports and Pop Culture website started by my favorite sports writer, ESPN's The Sports Guy Bill Simmons. Grantland has great articles written by incredible young writers on every sport you can imagine as well as movies, music, and television. There are also great podcasts on the Grantland Podcast Network including Bill Simmons' BS Report and the Jalen Rose Podcast. Lots of good stuff there to read.

Enjoy your EXTRA day this year. Will you be doing anything special?

You can find our January favorite things here.


Megan said...

That ring is pretty! I love simple, timeless jewelry like that.

Also, I am obsessed with laughing cow cheese - SO GOOD!

Carla said...

Do you wear the walker ring with your wedding ring? That is super cute

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