Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Fashion Recap

I was planning on putting my thoughts in some type of order, but since I'm a "stream of consciousness" type person, these are some of my Oscar thoughts in random order.

Louise Roe
Refreshingly different. Again with the long sleeves. Perfect for her role at the Oscars.

Tim Gunn
What would I give to spend ONE day with him? Have him take me around and tell me EXACTLY what I need to be wearing, and then have him tell me how fabulous I am.

Octavia Spencer
HUGEEE upgrade from the Emmys. Color and fit were absolutely perfect for her body.

Maya Rudolph.
Love the sleeves on her dress. Don’t love the way she looked in it, but the dress is great.

Rooney Mara
The fact that designers are loving her make me dislike her look even more. I thought she looked super scary.

Jessica Chastain
I think you are fantastic. Why did you wear this? You look like a carpet or a fancy curtain.The shape is gorgeous and so are you, but this dress, I can’t even look. In fact, I’m looking away, right now.

Milla Jovovich
Love a one shoulder dress. Just enough bedazzle.

Emma Stone
LOVE this. Love that she is a red head wearing red. Love the over the top bow with a simple, cute dress shape. So absolutely beautiful and perfect for her.

Viola Davis
Did not work. The color looked cheap and the top of the dress was too small/tight. Her husband on the other hand looked SHARRPP.!

Michelle Williams .
I seriously hate her with short, blonde hair but her dress was super stunning. Could’ve lived without the sparkle bow, but everything else was just. right.

*****Loved the “mominees”: Love my boys more every single day…can’t imagine the love I’ll feel in 30 years or so.****

*****Neutral color was pretty popular. Why?****

Kristen Wiig

Loved it, but wish she wore a necklace.

Colin Firth's wife
I seriously need that dress without the bosom ruffles.

Midnight in Paris .
Really? As my brother says, “I would rather live in a hole for a year” than watch that movie again.

Jennifer Lopez
STOPPP that. You are so gorgeous and I’m obsessed with your shiny, smooth skin, but your dress takes you back to your “married to my backup dancer” days.

Gywneth Paltrow
That cape you busted up in was scary. But when you presented an award your dress was crazy beautiful.

Penelope Cruz
Your hair. I couldn’t even focus on your dress, because your hair was such a disaster mess.

Stacey Kiebler .
That color is so wrong. I hate a beautiful dress gone bad because of color.

Brad Pitt
Cut Yo Hair!!

Beautiful Bradley Cooper
Shave your mustache!!

Sandra Bullock
Took a piece of that fancy curtain and got some collagen in her lips. Yikes.

What were some of your thoughts about the Red Carpet??


Rebecca said...

I loved Emma's look! And Michelle's too.

See Me Rwar

Jenna // The Life of the Wife said...

Love Michellea dress. Loved Louise's dress. Stunning! And sorry but I loved the cape!! :) Ha it was so much fun!

CourtneyMarie said...

Ashley~ NOOOO! I don't think we've ever disagreed more ! hahaha... (which is not saying much cause we usually think EXACTLY the same).

I was totally on board with you until Jessica Chastain. I literally gasped when I saw her. I love the intricate detail and the black/gold. LOVE!

I really like the neutral color~ Idk why but I loved it on Kristin Wig too.

You HAVE to watch Midnight in Paris again... it seriously is one of the best movies of the year and completely deserved to win best screen play~ I saw it 3 times in the theatre. So amazing.

I love Brad's hair too :)

Hahah so there ya go :)

Emmy said...

Agree with Brad's hair- so needs to cut it. And the mustache! Ugh I rarely rarely ever like mustaches- they are so serial rapist to me.
Fun post

Unknown said...

pahaha I agree...brad needs to cut his hair. It looks almost like a blonde chucky. lol.

I did love Emma and Viola's. But I actually really liked Penelope's hair, it was like the old school hollywood look and if anyone could pull that off it would be her.

you're comments are hilarious--thanks for the laugh. :-)

Katie said...

How can you not like Midnight in Paris? I loved it! Then again, I have an infatuation with F. Scott Fitzgerald, since The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books of all time, which made all of the witty banter related to him and Ernest Hemingway fabulous in my opinion. I completely agree with your friend Courtney--definitely deserving of best screenplay!

Lauren said...

First off how about all the modest dresses this awards season! I'm liking this trend but it's surprising to see so many sleeves!

Emma Stone. I would totally wear that! As I said on facebook J-Lo's Oscar dress was a mess but her after party dress was really pretty.

My second fav of the ones you posted was Kristen Wiggs flesh color dress. I'm a sucker for anything feathery like that though.

Like you said Louise Roe's was "refreshingly different" and I appreciated that.
Men: I think more than any other actor Brad can pull off any hairstyle. Hated Bradley Coopers stash...hopefully it's for a role.

Jessica Chastain's curtain dress and Gywneth's white thing but not bc of the cape). She really needs to wear something with a little patter or shimmer. She always goes for one solid color structured dress and I'm over it. White did seem to be the (non)color of the evening though. Everyone else was so so for me.

I really enjoyed your Oscar fashion recap! If Cal would take a nap I would do one too.

Marsha Anderson said...

You didn't mention Angelina's dress. It was okay, but all of the poses and the unnatural way she stuck out her leg was a bit creepy. I do have to disagree with you about Midnight in Paris. The story was fresh and interesting, the characterizations of the artists/writers of that era were spot on and the opening scenes of Paris attractions made me want to go back as soon as I can. I guess my enjoyment of Hemingway's novels and Picasso's art made me enjoy it much more. Everyone has a right to their opinion! It makes life more interesting.

corrine said...

i gotta agree with courtney! midnight is paris was amazing!! absolutely loved every minute of it!

but i agree with you on the dresses :)

corrine said...

oh! but i must say i LOVE brad's hair. and cooper's moustache.

Ashley said...

Let me just go ahead and get this out there. I'm so glad that everyone stepped up and talked about why they liked Midnight in Paris. I like striking up some enthusiasm. :-) But, to me it was super cheesy (and usually I like all the cheese). Rachel McAdams (who I usually LOVEEE) performed like she was in Acting 101 and the story had absolutely no point to me. There didn't seem to be an ending. But...I'm also one who likes all the Twilight there ya go!! :-)

Also, HAD to happen that one day we would disagree. It makes me love you even more :-)

CourtneyMarie said...

I think you'll like this npr overview of red carpet styles :

CourtneyMarie said...

p.s. You're gonna have to love everything I eventually wear on the red carpet... duh :)

Megan said...

I agree, Kristen Wiig should have worn a necklace. Emma Stone was stunning!!

Ashley said...

Duh, Court...mainly because I'll be your stylist!!

I really think if Kristen Wiig wore a necklace she would be getting more attention.

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