Thursday, February 23, 2012

Get Organized! Part 2

Did you organize your junk drawers last week?

This is Week 2 of the Get Organized Challenge

This week's challenge: THE CLOSET

My closet is already pretty organized.

But, after taking a picture of the space, it looks like I need to tidy things up a bit.

I have my hanging clothes organized by

Short-sleeve shirts
Long-sleeve shirts
and Dresses

Up on top I have clothes organized by

Gym Pants/Gym Shorts
and TShirts

I purged a lot of my clothes last year for a yard sale, and plan on doing the same thing again this year.

BUT, I feel like I keep hanging on to the same clothes that I actually never wear.

I saw a GREAT idea (can't remember where) and decided to do it as well.......

I turned all of my hangers the opposite way (took me about 5 minutes and was surprisingly a crazy bicep workout). Once I have worn an item, I will turn it the "right way". Next year at this time, once I've gone through all the seasons, I will get rid of all the clothing I haven't turned.

Great, right?!

Have fun getting your closets organized this week!~


Brittany said...

I like the hanger turning idea! I may just try that.

Ashley said...

You should!! I need to come visit you guys sometime soon!~

Jenna // The Life of the Wife said... CLOSET!

And yes next Thursday we will be linking up again!

PS Is your email linked up to your blogger? I can't reply to you via email! :(

Ashley said...

Ok, I will join you guys next Thursday!!

It is!! What else can I try so it will work?~

Amanda said...

i've heard of the hanger-turning, but i've never tried it! also, have read about having a bag/basket in your closet for items to donate, then when it's full, you take it to goodwill, etc. another idea is to have a set amount of hangers so that when you buy new clothes you MUST get rid of something to make room! i'm a frequent purger, but i still have WAY too many clothes!!!

Jenny said...

I tried the hanger turning idea a couple of years ago and ended up getting rid of over half my clothes. It hurt. But then I went shopping for more (mainly maternity clothes). I think I might try it again, though. I wish there were a trick to help me clean out clothing kept in the dresser.

Emmy said...

I turned my hangers around this year too! While I was turning I even got rid of a few shirts. I have a feeling I am going to have a lot of hangers still backwards at the end of the year.

Ashley said...

@ Amanda, I really like your ideas!!!! Did you purge before you left? And remember, when you decide to get rid of clothes, I'm here for you :-)

@Jenny, If you find a dresser trick, let me know!!

@Emmy, I have the SAME feeling...lots of hangers will never be turned.

Megan said...

Looks great! Your closet is like twice the size of mine, I'm jealous!! I recently went through my closet and hung everything back up that has been on the floor for weeks (ok, months)... it felt good!

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