Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Get Organized! Part 1

One of the most frustrating parts about organizing is that when we get a burst of organizational energy, we want to take care of everything in one day.

And then, when we realize that organizing everything in one day is impossible, we get frustrated and nothing gets done.

For this reason, I am challenging myself (and you!) to get more organized with a realistic goal.

Join with me each week for the next 6 weeks to tackle a new space in your house.

This week's challenge: THE JUNK DRAWER

Do remember the Friends episode where Monica's junk closet is revealed, she's super embarrassed about it, and the rest of the gang love it because she's such a neat freak?

Well, if I'm Monica (which sometimes I am), this is my junk space:
These drawers are side by side in my kitchen. EVERYTHING gets dumped in here. Something had to be done about this disaster.

So I threw everything away I didn't need.

And was left with only this.

Then, I got some $3 organizing containers from WalMart.

And in just a few minutes, everything was organized.

Humongous change in a short amount of time.

I hope you take on the challenge as well! I would love to see and/or hear about your junk drawer transformation.


jess.walker said...

I did this a few weeks ago!

Cecilia said...

Good Job!

Sigh, don't you just love when it's all organized. I love to organize and it seems like with the addition of kids I will never run out of places. One day...

Ashley said...

Jess, show me pics!!

Cecilia, I know!! I wonder if my house will ever be 100% organized. I do love it, though!~

LEIGH said...

I'm about to move, and I definitely want to organize my drawers in the process! Perfect opportunity! Drawers are the hardest!
Luvv, Leigh B

Karen said...

Isn't it amazing how a couple containers can get and keep you organized? Just wish I could find some containers big enough to get my garage in order!

Chris and Molly said...

OkI seriously need 2 take this challenge I got super gung-ho de-cluttering on Sat. And quit after that bc I felt overwhelmed! So Ill just work on the junk drawer (or 2) this week! P.s. I have seen a cupcake pan used for junk drawer organization too

Ashley said...

@Leigh, good luck with the move! Drawers are SO hard to keep clean.

@Karen, Our garage is super teeny so we barely keep anything in there...but have you seen this?

pretty cool idea!

@Molly, Do it!!! I like the cupcake pan idea!~

Emmy said...

Yea!! Great job! Love it. I did this with my junk drawers in our last house, then we moved I took the time to organize them all nice again-- but now, they are totally trashed again. Guess I had better do this

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