Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Favorite Videos!!

If you need 2 minutes to
  • use the bathroom by yourself (door still has to be open, just with no one trying to sit on your lap)
  • put a toddler's shoes on
  • use both arms to feed your baby
  • get an extra minute before the sun comes up (head butting from toddler is still included)
check out these videos!!

They're nice and short and Charlie LOVES them!

We know and perform this choreography on a daily basis. Charlie particularly likes Grover on the roller skates.

So entertaining. This kid is ridiculous! Charlie likes to practice his moves after he watches this one.

I have to admit that this is my favorite of Charlie's picks. Ricky Gervais is hilarious and we like to say "night night" in our best British accents.

There have been 5,696,789 views on this video, and I'm pretty sure 5,696,780 of them have been from us. Charlie can't get enough of this one. The most dramatic song about a truck I've ever heard.

Hope you enjoy!


Emmy said...

Oh that truck one- I think my son would watch that all day!! Thank you. And yes peeing by yourself is a nice thing huh?

KT said...

Thanks for sharing! I have a four-year-old and I love "tricking" him with a fun video!!

Katie- Hems For Her

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh I just laughed so hard watching Celebrity Lullabies! That was GREAT!!

Ashley said...

Yes, being in the bathroom by yourself is definitely a luxury!

Katie, Hope your little guy loves them!!

LK, I KNOW!! He is hilarious!~

LEIGH said...

Hahaha love the reasons we should watch the videos!!!
Luvv, Leigh B

Megan said...

I love Ricky Gervais :) He always makes me laugh!!

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