Monday, February 13, 2012


Our friends, Zach and Kara, got engaged around the time Charlie was born. I was trying to convince them to reconsider their 2 year engagement, (I was way too excited and wanted them to get married right away), and joked that I could potentially have another child before they got married. Little did we all know that I actually would!

Oh, hey there little cutie!

They're getting married this May, and we had a great night on Saturday celebrating their upcoming wedding. They are an incredible couple and I am so glad that they are part of our lives.

I also saw The Vow this weekend with my friends, Jenn and Emily. I loved it, but it really needed to be about 30 minutes longer. It didn't give me a wedding to finish things up, AND I needed some more Channing Tatum/Rachel McAdams.

I also dropped in to Target for a minute this weekend, and saw the most ridiculously long line for the release of Breaking Dawn. I almost ditched my friends to get in line..but that would have been weird. I'm hoping to convince Noel to watch it with me sometime this week. It is Valentine's Day, after all!!~


LEIGH said...

I want to see The Vow! But I don't think I could ever get Kevin to go with me.... And a wedding! Haha You can plan it out yourself and imagine it ;)
Luvv, Leigh B

Kristen said...

We grabbed Breaking Dawn Saturday night at Target. It was so late I fell asleep watching it! that means encore presentation soon :)

Ashley said...

Leigh, Maybe you can get him to watch it with you when it comes out on DVD. And yes, a wedding!! Shouldn't every movie end with one?? :-)

Kristen, HOW can you fall asleep during Breaking Dawn?! You must watch it again!!~

Megan said...

I want to see The Vow! I finally saw Breaking Dawn this weekend, loved the wedding... so pretty!

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