Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pullen Park~

We are loving trains these days.


And had a blast riding one at Pullen Park this weekend.


I fall in love with this cutie more and more every day.


And share that love with this sweetness.


Charlie was excited that he got to ride the train with mommy
and with daddy.


When I asked Charlie if he wanted a train birthday party or a truck birthday party, he said, "race car". :-) I think he'll be ok if we go with the trains.


Brittany said...

Pullen Park was my favorite--I really miss it considering the parks around Greenville! I love the pictures :)

Dave Brown said...

Nikki and I took the boys last Thursday. William had a blast. He was so worn out, he was passed out before we made out the parking lot.

Unknown said...

We took Ryan the other week as well. The carousel was a hit! He was too tired to ride the train; also out before we left the parking lot :)

Marsha Anderson said...

This brings back memories of taking Noel, Lindsay and later, Laurie, to the park to ride the train. I'll have to look for the pictures I took of them!

Ashley said...

B, when TI gets a little more mobile, you'll have to come up so we can take the boys to the park!

David, Charlie was the exact same! The second he was in the car, he was OUT!!

LK, We ran out of time, but I definitely want to try the carousel!! I'm glad he loved the park, too!

Marsha, I have to see those pictures!!

Kristen said...

I am in love with Charlie's hat! Too cute for words

Emmy said...

That train looks like fun! Love the picture of him on the playground, so cute!

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