Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bachelor review~

It's back!

I was disappointed with the 1st episode of the Bachelor last night. The whole episode was slow and boring and only offered us a ridiculous fight between Jenna, the blogger and the really unattractive blonde girl. (Btw, did anyone else go to Jenna's blog? I couldn't even look at it because everyone else in America was doing the same thing.)

Ben F is so adorable.
He definitely got his Jersey Shore on. (Gym/Tan/Laundry). Not sure about the laundry part but gym, yes! tan, yes!

I just kept thinking about how lucky he was for not getting stuck with Ashley.

The girls this season are INSANE.

-We have the 2 obligatory roles filled:
*Shawn, the one with the kid
*Nicki, the one who got divorced for no reason.

-And the most ridiculous name spellings I have ever seen:
*Lindzi, Lindsie??
What happened to the nice, traditional Lindsay or Lindsey??

-The greetings were out of control
-Jenna, the blogger: NEVER try to quote someone, unless it's "never give up". You're not the brightest as it is, and now you totally blew it.
-The "bold move" girl: Walked herself right on past Ben without a greeting, looked like she had been participating in some recreational drugs in the limo...all for NOTHING. Sent home the first night.
-The horse girl? Didn't she smell gross after riding that thing in?

-The dresses, hair, and faces.
-Not.cute. Without question.
-When did it ever become ok to wear a short dress with a see-through long portion over it? The answer is never.
-The pageant sash girl's hair was a hot pageant mess
-Blakeley looks like she could be the mother of any of those girls
-Everyone's dress was wayyyy too low cut. Yes, we still notice your face. Your plan didn't work.
-The personal trainer looked pregnant!!!! Poor wardrobe decision.

The only 3 decent looking girls (who also wore the best dresses) will be top 3.




What did you think about last night?

By the way, if you are currently single, make sure your guy not only supports your interest in The Bachelor, but will watch and comment with you.

Noel, "At least I don't have to hear 'No Doubt About It' a billion times." (Ahem, Brad?!)



The Asby Family said...

Ashley these are the girls I have pegged for the end too!!

Ashley said...

Awesome! Let's see if we're right!~

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