Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Art of Color: Green!~

Starting a new mini series: The Art of Color.

It's no secret that my favorite color is GREEN, so that's what we'll start with!

I loved everything about my wedding. Classic black and white. Beautiful flowers, gown, ceremony, reception, everything!

But....if Noel and I were getting married today, I would change it up a bit.

Breaking it down.

The bride and groom.

Look at the skirt on that gown!! Simple enough but super sassy. Not too unlike the skirt on my gown. I love simple bridal bouquets so the focus stays on the bride (and the dress!), and a groom in a khaki suit and a plain green tie gets a YES!

The Bridal Party

I really like the idea of spicing it up with the bridal party. Groomsmen in khaki suits with polka dot ties, and the bridesmaids in preppy striped skirts.

The Flowers

These floral arrangements are very similar to the ones we had at our reception. I love mixing the arrangements up by having super tall designs at some tables and short ones at the others.


I love, love, love this website for letterpress wedding invitations and think these green favor boxes are adorable.

A little tidbit about the color green: It symbolizes balance, learning, growth, and harmony.

So may you have a well-balanced weekend where you learn something new, grow in a certain aspect, and have harmony throughout your days!~


Mary said...

I love this idea! {And I love that you re-planned your wedding; my guess is that Pinterest played a part in this post.} I remember once you told me that you wish you had gotten your hair done professionally on your wedding day -- I remember because I felt exactly the same way. Any ideas on what it would look like if you got married today?

CourtneyMarie said...

ASHLEY~ Don't you fret my dear! You're using all your green energy to help me plan MY future wedding. You know I want a plum and green wedding..... and you're gonna be my number one wedding planning helper~ DUH! :)

Ashley said...

Mary, I think I would still do it half up half down but have it curly instead of straight. Something simple, but still different from my norm. What about you? Being the wedding fanatic that I am, I've actually had most of the pics for a while...pre-Pinterest :-)

Court, Can't wait to plan yours!!!!!~

Lilly Style said...

Love it! The bridesmaid dresses are so cute!

Ashley said...

Aren't those adorable?!~

Just Jaime said...

Love the green! I loved my wedding too and really, I wouldn't change anything, but I think about the cool ideas they have now and what I would do!

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