Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Art of Color: Blue!!

Part 2 of the Mini Series: The Art of Color!!

The color BLUE is known to slow metabolism and produce a calming effect. Ironic since I found all these PREPPY blue items that make me very excited!

Before we break it down, it's very important to understand this:

I have always believed that everything looks better monogrammed!

Breaking it down:

Everyone needs a pair of Tory Burch shoes. Aren't these beautiful? Unfortunately, no one has listened to my subtle (ok, not very subtle) hints that I need a pair.


Look at this little cutie. This was Charlie at 2 months. Out of all the boys' clothes, this has been my most favorite John John. Interested in a mini history lesson? People call shortalls and longalls John Johns because Jackie O dressed her son, JFK Jr (who they called John John) in them. Adorable, classic baby boy.

While doing laundry the other day I realized that everyone in my household has this polo shirt. I get to wear mine with pearls, though. :-)

I am borderline obsessed with stationary. I go into Charlotte's just to look at their beautiful selection. I love this blue set. I hate that handwritten notes are a lost art these days.


Love PB Kids Madras collection. Noel wishes I didn't. I've had so much fun decorating the boys' rooms in this.

Don't forget to monogram the scarf!

Cute plates

The co-owner of Southern Proper, Reagan Howell, is from my hometown. I love her ties! Noel has this one and this one, and my dad has this one.

Beautiful room

Handy tote bag

Vineyard Vines dress that is oh so cute, and a polo for the little guys.

Now, go find your inner prep and get something monogrammed! :-)

(Art of Color: Part 1 can be found here.)

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