Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Goals~

I decided to try something new this year for my New Year's Resolutions.

Instead of making my own goals, I had 5 close family/friends make them for me.

So here goes. Let's see if I can keep them.

Jess really liked this idea I had. She gave me the goal of keeping up with writing in the boys' journals and to make a picture scrapbook once a year. I need to get busy making one for 2011.

Courtney gave me the goal to attend the temple with Noel once a month. Great goal!

Amber gave me the goal to thank Heavenly Father for a different thing every single day this year. She's going to try and do the same thing.

Zach gave me the goal to do something by myself, for myself, at least once a month. Excited for this one!

Amanda is my dancing bud. She gave me the challenge to do fouette turns to all corners clockwise and counter clockwise.

Let's do this, Ting! Can I add a double in between each side? Ok, I take that back.

I've actually done the Don Q pas (above) MANY years ago. Let's see if I still have it.

Noel wants me to join Twitter and actually tweet! My Twitter account is in the making, so when I have one I'll let you know.

Pretty good things I'm adding to my repertoire for 2012.

I'll report quarterly on how I'm doing.

What are your New Year's Goals??


Catherine said...

Yes! Please join Twitter!!! You'll love it!! Also I will babysit while you got the temple. And I need to see some of these dance moves when you come VTing!

P.S. My goals are coming soon!

Ashley said...

You are so awesome Cat! Thanks! Yes, I will bust out your moves. Sydney will love them! Can't wait to hear about yours~

Amanda said...

Doubles would be great! That ballerina has DAGGERS for feet. FIERCE.

Ashley said...

For sure!!! Ridic~

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