Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 5 Posts~

It was interesting to see which of my blog posts have been the most popular..according to Blogger.

And here they are.....

Number 5:

I really enjoyed writing this post. It was fun to reflect on good times and look at old pictures. And goodness, Charlie looks so much like Walker in the picture of him and Noel.

Number 4:

I was actually kinda surprised about this one being in the top 5. I think that a lot of people can relate to it, though. Going to a movie and HATING the ending. A movie that has since been added to the list: 500 Days of Summer. Buh. Noel loves this movie. I just don't get it. They don't end up together?!??! How can that possibly be ok?

Number 3:

Yes, yes, and YES. Still agree with everything I said. Some of the clips have been taken off, but you can still find them on YouTube. I love Ryan Gosling even more now and the Wicker Park scene???? Forget it...I'm getting chills just thinking about it.

Number 2:

Classic blog post that illustrates everything that is wrong with the world today. I can still remember having this conversation with my students...and I'm still shaking my head.

Number 1:

Was there even a question? I'm still laughing. And still disgusted that I watched her entire season. Who's excited about next week? (If you don't know what starts next Monday, you're probably not excited) Look out Ben and Ben's concubines...I'm watching you.


CourtneyMarie said...

Ashley~ We are gonna duke it out over 500 Days of Summer! It's my favorite movie!!!! Oh it's so heart breaking and amazing and hilarious and TRUE!

Marsha Anderson said...

It is one of Laurie's favorite movies also. I think what makes it different is the fact that it is from the guy's viewpoint. (I didn't like the ending either!)

Ashley said...

Like I said, I would rather watch the completely unrealistic "The Holiday". Doesn't everyone trade lives with someone in Europe and fall in love with a Jude Law?

I think that is definitely the appeal...the guy's viewpoint. I just like when they end up together!!~

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