Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Love Letters~

I have been wanting to start a special journal for my boys for a while, and this blog post motivated me to take action.

(Pens on the coffee table wouldn't really work over here.)

I went out and got each of the boys a Moleskine Notebook.

I LOVE Moleskines. Even though Stuff White People Like jokes that they make white people feel more creative, they really do (!) make this white girl feel more creative.

Also, the pages are acid free which make the journals last for a really long time. (Make sure your journals, scrapbooks, etc. are acid and/or lignin free)
Every week, after Family Home Evening, Noel and I take a few minutes to write each of the boys a letter. We include things we did with them that week, funny things they said, things they learned, etc.

I hope we can keep this up! I always love reading from my parents' journals about how adorable I was :-) and about their love for me.

One thing that I need to do better is scrapbooking my pictures.

I was REALLY good with Charlie's pictures until he turned 7 months. I would download all the pictures to Shutterfly, have them mailed to me, and then put them in a scrapbook.

I just can't keep up with that method.

Is there a really good online scrapbook system that would make it easier? How do you keep your pictures up to date?


The Passey's said...

Love this! I started doing Photobooks. Not as cutesy as a scrapbook but I just upload them and drag them to the book and tada, they're in there. I order one every January for the previous year. I actually ended up scanning in ALL of my old pictures and making photobooks for every year so now they're all nice and organized and all the books look the same. I love how easy and organized it is. Every time I upload pics to the computer, I just upload them to the photobook site so it only takes a few extra minutes.

Ashley said...

I LOVE that idea Stefani!! I really am going to do that. I like that you do it every year. Every month was a little crazy for me. Thanks for sharing!~

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