Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Hear Ewe~

Charlie is pretty tech savvy these days.

He loves looking at videos and pictures on my iPod, and I even found him scrolling through Facebook the other day.

Noel's friend, Greg, told us about this great, FREE(!) app.

It's called I Hear Ewe and it has 2 pages of animal sounds...

and most importantly, a page of "Things That Go" sounds.

Charlie loves clicking on the icons and hearing (and repeating) what each animal and truck say.

(Driving a motorcycle)

What are some of your favorite Toddler Apps?~


Michael K. said...

I love seeing kids enjoying the apps I originally wrote for my daughters. When your son is ready to learn to count, be sure to check out Ewe Can Count (www.ewecancount.com). It is also free to download.

Ashley said...

Awesome!! Thanks so much for doing this!~

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