Thursday, December 8, 2011

Glee Choreographer~

I haven't watched Glee in a really long time, but when I did watch it, I was always loving on the choreography.

I was recently reading an article about one of the show's choreographers, Brooke Lipton...

and I have to say....she seems pretty fantastic.

I like that she actually worked really hard to get to the top. It seems like most people expect to get places these days without doing anything to earn it.

Lipton studied every single type of dance, and worked and trained for years in L.A. doing paid and unpaid dance jobs until she finally scored her first big job....dancing on a Britney Spears' tour. Nice!!

You can read more about her and her fierceness in this DTMagazine article, here.

Here is some of my fav Glee choreography:

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Catherine said...

Safety Dance was probably my most favorite dances on Glee (yes, I'm a Gleek). I always love to watch choreography because I could never do it. It's always probably why I love Dancing with the Stars too.

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