Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

We definitely did.

Handsome boys all dressed up for church.

Christmas outfits provided by Auntie Amanda

Holding hands. Adorable. Walker just had to spit up. on his outfit. 2 seconds before I took these pictures.

Christmas Eve was spent with the Anderson crew.

Charlie and cousin Ande.

Charlie was so excited about opening presents this year!

Interested in the same present.

And Christmas Day was spent with my familia.

Me, my sisters, and my mom

Probably Charlie's favorite toy...a bulldozer!

Auntie Sarah and Jessica presenting Walker with a toy. He loved it, of course.

Walker was snuggled the entire weekend.

More snuggling with Great Grandma Hilda.

Cute moment. Charlie and his cousins William, Ashton, Julia, and Colleen.

Playing with cousin Davis.

Being sneaky.

Showing Great Grandpa Walker his trains.

The boys snuggling with daddy.

Walker living the good life.

I love holidays so much and feel so blessed that we were able to spend it with our families.

Another thing I love?
David Yurman. And his bracelets. And my parents for surprising me with this one!!

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