Monday, December 12, 2011

Celebrate: A workout and a FB status~

Last week Walker hit the 6 week mark which meant I was cleared to work out.

I celebrated by taking a nice, long run around town.

Totally joking.

I don't run.

Instead, I celebrated by eating one of these bad boys.

Krispy Kreme snowman doughnuts.

I would have taken an actual picture of my snowman, but the doughnut vultures that are my husband and son had already eaten theirs and had decapitated mine by the time I could get to it.

I actually did get my "sweat" on at the gym today, and it felt nice to do some ab workouts for the first time in almost a year.

Another thing to celebrate today:

Best Facebook Statuses of 2011

Next week, I will be announcing the winners of the best FB statuses in the following categories:

1. Least Enthusiastic

2. Most Enthusiastic

3. I confuse my FB with my therapist

4. Best rant

5. The truth about kids

6. Too much information

7. Funniest

8. Best overall

My friend, Sara, has been a big help with this already. I need YOUR help as well! Send me (through comment, FB inbox, or email: any and all of your own and/or your friends' FB statuses that fall under any of these categories.

I will post them next week!~


CourtneyMarie said...

You know what is super hilarious? I started reading this blog and when it said "I celebrated by taking a nice long run around town" I said to myself "Ashley doesn't run... What the heck!?" Bahahah. Love it :)

Unknown said...

nice facebook status.

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