Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Finding success in the little things......

*The boys have started napping at the same time. Yesterday they both napped for 2 1/2 hours at.the.same.time. Success!

*Every pair of socks had a match in the first load of laundry I did yesterday. When does that ever happen?? Success!!

*I stacked FIVE of Charlie's cars up. You should have seen his face...I was basically SuperWoman to him. Success!

With my success stories came some failures.

*Success=I remembered to floss my teeth. Failure=The floss got stuck in my permanent retainer. Nerd alert!!

*Success=We finally got all of our Christmas decorations down from the attic and have almost everything decorated. Failure=Charlie thought the silver ornaments were baseballs. :/

*Success=Trying a little bit of yoga for the first time in a while. Failure=Charlie thinking I was trying to play horsey with him. Next time I should try that during nap time.

Hope you find much success today! :-)

1 comment :

Emmy said...

Yea for the naps!! That is huge! And I am in awe about the socks- I have a huge bag of mismatched- I really need to go through it

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